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WARNING: Yaoi contents.

14th Day

Written by: WalkingOnWater


One thousand years would seem long to a human. One year would seem long to a human. But in the eyes of magic one thousand years are just yesterday's hours. A new break, a new dawn, tomorrow it would be a generation passed, and the next day it would be a new millennium. It could never die, it was impossible. What, you ask? Its not magic, its not time, its those who control it.

Two thousand years ago a war began, like any other war, it started the exact same way. Somebody wanted something somebody else had, and they wanted it now. Although, this was not a war so easily ended. No paper could be signed, no negotiations would work. It worked the same way, everyone would die until something, or everything was gained.

For one thousand years an amateur sorcerer and an aspiring sorceress fought to keep the peace. Young, in the eyes of magic, they didn't stand a chance, or so the world thought. Abandoned and distrusted they continued to fight against an entire army, backed by two sorcerer lovers, Thesis and Ramos.

Having trained for less than one hundred years the young sorcerer, Ajiro, depended on the sorceress, Miha, her training exceeding his by two hundred years. Yet the two sorcerer's had been thousands of years older than them, and thousands of years more advanced than them as well.


"MIHA!" Ajiro cried out, Thesis' towering cloud of energy enveloping him. Ajiro's every muscle and nerve screamed in agony, the energy piercing every pore, every scar.

Miha watched in horror as Ajiro's body became engulfed in the cloud, unable to do anything about it. Ramos had her arms tied to her sides in black ropes, a noose tied tightly around her neck, one false move and it would fly up, taking her with it.

Ajiro dropped to his knees, his mouth groped open to scream, but his breath never left his mouth, it never entered his lungs either. Miha stared downwards towards him. He was so close.

"See that, Miha, now do you believe in luck?" Ramos chuckled to himself, watching in pleasure at Ajiro writhing in agony. Miha's eyes swelled with tears as they streamed down her face.

"Ajiro." she whispered to herself, a salty tear slipping onto her lips, "you can' ." her voice shook as her tears hit the ground, ripples of golden energy followed each one. Ramos cocked his head at the tears in wonder.

"Miha, don't even think about-"

"You won't get away with this! AJIRO! I'M COMING!" She cried out. Ramos' shoulders dropped in slight surprise, but he chuckled with amusement.

"And how, pray tell, do you plan to do that.?" He began, his words beginning to slur as a wave of hot energy shook him off balance.

"What in the-" He put his arm up in front of his face, Miha's tears hit the ground faster and faster. Her muscles strained against the ropes, her fists beginning to rise above her sides.

"LET ME GOOOO!" She screeched as the ropes burst, falling in a heap on the floor. She grabbed the noose and pulled at it. Ramos panicked and grabbed her legs, yanking her back against the noose as she was thrust into the air.

"AHHHH!" The air was filled with a cry full of rage. Thesis had been looking on at Miha and Ramos silently, his serious features hadn't changed a bit, he had not even blinked.

Miha yanked the noose away from her neck as it fell away. She began to plummet back to the ground, straight for Thesis.

"YOU LET HIM GO!" She screamed. Thesis looked up calmly, only to have Miha's heal make contact with his chin as she flipped backwards before landing on the burning ground. She didn't give him time to recover from the blow, she left but seconds between the first and second as her elbow was trust into his stomach, throwing him to the ground.

"AHHH-!" A ball of energy began to form between her palms. Thesis stared at her emotionlessly.

"What do you plan to do? I am immortal, you cannot kill me." His voice was as dim and emotionless as his features.

"I can't kill you, but I can imprison you!" She replied. By now Ramos was an only inch from Miha, ready to make a move, yet somehow he couldn't get himself to take another step.

A faint chant began to escape Miha's lips, rolling off of her tongue like liquid. The silence began to faintly beam with the sound of a heart, soft at first, then it rose; it began to pound loudly.

"Imprison." Miha whispered, the word intertwined with the beating of the heart, and suddenly all fell silent again. The darkness began to lift, the horizon faintly outlined as if drawn by a pen.

Miha raised her head again, there was absolutely no sign of Ramos or Thesis, not even a footstep, a strand of hair.

"Oh!" She gasped, suddenly realizing Ajiro was still lying on the ground. She shifted herself to stand beside him as she lowered herself to her knees.

"Ajiro.?" She cooed. A small smile crossed his pale lips, his eye lids never parted.

"I'm . ." He muttered. Miha chuckled a little.

" .then lets get you some food then." She slowly helped him sit up.

" did you do, anyways?" He asked. Miha smiled.

"I imprisoned them. For how long, I'm not sure, but.I just know its not over."

One thousand years later.


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