The slideshow of life. by meredith

Does somebody out there,
remember your life?
How you lived it?
what you were?

When you pass,
does a slideshow
come on, right before,
eternity is decided?

Will you get to see
Your cup refilled,
with no turning back,
it's already decided.

You'll sit there intently
watching yourself.
Becoming yourself.
Being yourself.

You'll watch all the good times,
the first time you fell, got kissed,
failed, felt tingles, helped someone
become a better person.

You'll remember yourself,
looking through someone's eyes,
laughing, and crying
heart beating fast

You'll think to yourself,
was I really that dumb,
and you yourself, will
shock yourself.

Just think though,
as you sit there and watch
it's not a life, it's a story that ends.
You can't change it.

So watch your slideshow
of life, but don't regret,
because you lived how you lived,
without turning back.

And when your story finally ends,
The only thing that'll come to words,
Is to tell other people.
Don't disappoint yourself.

Pretend that person is
watching you always.
Everything you do, will
turn into a scene.

So make it exciting,
with no regrets,
remember you'll be watching,
when the story ends.