A/N: Good to see you here! Well, you see, let's pretend my sister's name ..alright, so we were somewhere, and then, I was like, "what prince do you think sound's better, I think Prince of Egypt (since it was so common)" And then she was like, Silvia's prince, har har har...and then, that was when I .=).I'm weird..

Dazzling turned crescent


Widens on his face

Big melted chocolate eyes

Connect with mine

Pupil swirl as I look

So lost and dizzy

My eyes want to flee

But they are caught

And so is my heart

Butterflies flutter in my stomach

As he held on tighter

My hand buried within

With the free hand he gently tipped my chin

My breathing immediately freezed

Every other sound in my ears ceased

Then he leaned in

And then-

I was engulfed

In a soft

Misty ocean

The kiss

So bliss

My heart floated up

Into the direction of heaven

That was when I knew

Though his blood ain't royal

As I dreamed

He is still a prince

And forever shall he be

MY prince..