Peace ~Kokeshi088~

Foreword: This is a poem I wrote, I was thinking about my opinions of peace. Is peace taking away every weapon and saying, "Fighting is wrong."?

Is peace saying, "Our world is united, there are no more wars between countries, everybody is equal.", or is peace something else…?

Here's a snippet of my opinion, before I swing to my other works in progress concerning man and machines, which I plan to be many.

I wish to give you this poem about peace, before I move on to the topic(s) of war.

Happy Reading!


I wonder,

When the skies turn from red,

And back to a peaceful blue,

Will the peace last?

Or will war continue?

They say it will never last.

They say there is always a change.

Change is what sparks evolution,

No, revolution…

Revolution can cause disorder…

Disorder is as fine,

As the line between peace and war.

Unless you're beaten,

Torn apart,

All that can spark change crushed

To tiny pieces.

Is this peace?

To never change?

Never at all?

How do you achieve peace?

By being the same as everyone else?

They say the same is boring,

So peace must be boring.


Peace is beautiful

They say.

Is that right?

Or will the next,

The next revolution,

Change the same

To the difference.

What is peace?

It is what is in inside.

What is it truly?

It is happiness within yourself

And others.

When we are happy,

With who we are,

And with our world,

And our lives,

And our friends,

When we feel whole…

We have achieved true peace.


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