A/N - HAHAHAHAHAHA! I laugh manic laughter that is maniacal. I JUST MIGHT be winning. Once again, don't take me seriously. I love doctors and lawyers. Really. And I understand that not ALL women or ALL men are sex objects.

Men As Sex Objects: Why Not?

Women are viewed as sexual objects more commonly than men. I don't really know why this is; maybe it has something to do with men being in power for the last several thousand years, or maybe its because it is an easy occupation, and men have to discover that being a sex object is much more fun and a lot easier than say, a brick layer. Look at Carmen Electra. But, for whatever reason, men are not usually seen in that light. And I, along with many others, I'm sure, wish that they were.

I suppose there is something slightly de-masculifying, also known as pansy- ish, about flaunting, a huge part of objectifying yourself. Every sexual object flaunts, be you large and in charge or some kind of blonde waif who looks like you're going to snap in two at the first wind. Picturing a man, shaking his butt in a feminine way, is not sexy, but it is very funny. Maybe everyone should picture a buff old man shaking his ass whenever they're angry. That would prevent plenty of bad things from happening, like global warming. A woman, about to load her head with hairspray, becomes angry when she realizes she's run out from her rampant use of the spray in the past. She pictures an old man doing a Beyonce in her video for "Baby Boy". She throws up in the toilet, laughs, and forgets about her hair, realizing that every man she'd ever try to impress will turn into that unfortunate bum, shaking his, well, bum. Then she becomes a lesbian, and the human race dies out. But enough of that, we're working towards sexy. But not all flaunting must be feminine. I point to the "Bod Body Fragrance by Body Fantasies" commercials as evidence.

The most recent one I have had the pleasure of watching was a group of muscular, shirtless men playing basketball with a woman's voice in the background saying things like, "Hot bod," "Great bod," in various sexy tones and finally ending with an enthusiastic, "I want your BOD!" My sentiments exactly. And it made me want to go tell every male that I met, aside, of course, from relatives, to go put on that body fragrance because they would be turned into amazingly fit, sports playing, topless men. Now that's good advertising! So using men as sex objects would help sell things, thus boosting the economy! Poverty would end, and all those sexy, living-on-welfare men would have jobs. Problem solved!

But this brings me to why men aren't sex objects very often, as we can see the benefits above. And that is that they don't want to. Yep, one of my reviewers, presumably male, said:

"Okay, I'm going to start wearing VERY baggy jeans from now on!"

Och! The nerve!

And yet another reviewer, male, I believe said this, summing up my feelings on the matter completely:

"My theory is that guys feel threatened if they are the object of ogling and not the other way around. It makes them feel like mere objects."

Hah! Women do it all the time! Who are the real men now? I mean, um, who are the real women now? But, I would never force someone to become a sex object; it's really not fair, if you think about it for a long time. I don't understand why men mind being "mere sex objects" so much. Is it some sort of long standing psychological wall? As I said before, playgirl modeling is easier than going to school and being something like those "lawyers" or "doctors". Bah! Who needs 'em?

I believe these will be my last scattered thoughts on the subject. Thanks for reading!