Chapter 4

It was a hot and drowsy Saturday afternoon, and May had neither had homework nor a social life. So, instead of just sitting around the house, she decided to go out and take a walk. As she walked out, she instantly regretted her decision. It was stifling hot! It must have been at least 95 degrees. But there was nothing to do in the house, so she decided to go to the library.

I'm such a nerd, she thought. Most people my age DON'T go to the library.

But deep inside, May knew that she would never go to the mall at a time like this. She would probably see most the kids from school, and if they didn't ignore her like usual, then they might pick on her. Might as well stay away, May reasoned.

As she entered the library, the librarian, Mrs. Sykes, nodded at her in a familiar fashion. Mrs. Sykes knew May by sight, but not personally. May liked to go to the library, but rarely struck up a conversation with anybody, let alone Mrs. Sykes, who was quite a conversationalist. But, Mrs. Sykes understood May – she knew that May was, well – unique – and reserved and probably preferred not to open up to anybody. Teens like her were usually troubled and despondent, and are better to be left alone, at least, that's what Mrs. Sykes believed.

At any rate, as May walked towards the mystery section, her left hand unconsciously wandered into her jean pocket and she suddenly felt something cold in her fingers. Curious, she pulled whatever-it-was out, and found the locket from the day before sitting on her palm. It felt strangely icy, and, for a moment, May forgot about the hot weather as she suddenly felt the hairs on her arms stand up. She shivered slightly, for she suddenly remembered her dreams again.

May sighed in frustration. She wished she could figure out what the dreams were. As she walked down the rows of shelves, her eye wandered over to a particular black book entitledCreatures of the Dark. Narrowing her eyes in suspicion, May picked up the book and read the plot summary in the back cover. It said:

The psychic and author Maggie Brown provides a detailed account of the horrors that haunt one's subconscious. In this riveting book of several interviews with people who claim that their dreams are daunted by creatures that haunt them, she grabs the attention of critics, who believe that such stories are not true…

May immediately stopped reading and started pondering. This was the answer to her questions – dreams are a part of one's subconscious aren't they? And if these people in the interviews are having the same experiences with "the thing", like her, then maybe there's something in the book that give advice on how to handle such absurd illusions. After all, dreams never come true…