Patty and Ashley strolled into Patty's bathroom.

" So I said, 'Oh my god!' And he said, 'Huh?' And I was, like, oh my god!" Patty squealed.

" Oh God, really?" Ashley responded dutifully, applying lipstick.

I hate my older sister. Oh my God! Oh gosh!

" Oh darn, my case is empty," Patty tossed the lipstick case into the trash. " I shouldn't leave them out for Johnny to take."

" Hey! Johnny hates coming into this room!" I exclaimed in his defense. I don't think she bothered with a response.

" Hey!" Patty rummaged through the drawer. " I can't find ANY red lipsticks!"

" What a tragedy," I muttered. " Why do I have to be here?"

" Because I am supposed to watch you," Patty answered, still looking. " ALL of my red lipsticks are empty!" One by one, she tossed the now useless cases into the can.

Ashley prodded her shoulder. " What?" Patty replied irritably. Ashley pointed to the mirror.

Patty looked and froze. " Dawn?" her voice trembled. " Is that real?"

Huge writing on the mirror in red stated:

Better watch your step.

" Oh my God!" Patty squealed, shaking me back and forth. " Oh my GOD! It's written in blood!"

I reached out and tentatively touched it, rubbing the substance between my fingers. " Not blood," I said. " Lipstick."

" Oh," Patty fluffed her hair. " I knew that. Scared you, didn't I?"

Ashley giggled nervously. " I think I'll go downstairs," she stammered and left.

Patty resumed looking for red lipstick, found none, and went and used pink. I eyed it warily as she applied it.

She capped it and said, " What do you think Dawn?" she rubbed her lips together and furrowed her eyebrows. " I-" she was broken off by an ear shattering scream and a loud thump!

We ran from the room to see Ashley lying on the bottom of the stairs, a lamp by her head. Red liquid slowly oozed from her neck.

" Ashley!" Patty cried and raced down the stairs. " Are you okay?"

" Why is there a lamp by your head?" I asked her.

" I...uh-I knocked it over when I fell," she murmured and a loud cry of pain.

" Dawn! Don't interrogate her! Get a doctor!" Patty ran from the room and began to punch in phone numbers.

" If you fell from the top of the stairs, how could you have knocked it down when it's at the bottom?" My brows knitted together.

She ignored me and continued to give cries of pain.

*** Ashley had an ace bandage on her ankle the next day. Seemed odd to me since she couldn't have had that large of fall. There weren't any stitches on her neck. She explained that the 'blood' must have come from somewhere else. To me, it tasted like ketchup. Unfortunately, no one would believe my deductions.

" So you think Ashley faked her fall and wrote that warning?" my best friend, Charlotte, looked at me incredulous. " Why would she fall? Why would she want to fall?"

I shrugged. " How do I know she didn't?"

Charlotte shrugged. " Seems too obvious to me. It'll blow over and everything will be fine."

*** It wasn't. Nothing was fine. (Now, I have a golden retriever and my family named her Glory I was out voted on naming her Stump. I thought it was cool since she was a female dog. My family came up with a schedule in which each of us kids took care of Glory each day of the week without help. Us kids get to skip the weekends unless we want to hang out with her.)

Anyway, it was my day and I was pouring dried food into her bowl. She normally comes running at the sound of the kibble clattering into her bowl. Eventually thinking she was doing her business, I ate my own food and found she still wasn't there. I had decided to go look for her on my own. I went out and saw the newspaper, which is odd since Glory usually comes along and fetches it for us. It wasn't the fact that the paper was still there. It was what was on it.

It appeared too bright to be ketchup and not as thin as blood in one of those blood capsule things. A few hairs lay surrounded with blood. I gulped- was it possible this was Glory's fur? Apparently, whoever was bleeding had decided to move away. A small trail of blood led down the walk and to our front door.

My heart pounding, I reluctantly followed the path. As I reached the first step to our porch, I noticed the wood seemed a lot darker and slippery than usual. I skidded a little and regained my balance. The steps seemed to grow wet until I almost slid off. Grabbing the rail, I came face to face with...Bones.

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