Bones that have aged; bones with flesh clinging to it; bones with blood slowly dripping; bones that were brittle and crumbled at the touch; bones in piles, each different and never from the same creature. A skull sat on one of the piles. I stared back into its empty eye sockets before I recognized it as a dog skull. I bit my lip and could not cry.

Who would...could want to do such a thing? Behind me, someone gave a small, choked, short scream. I whirled, preparing to shield myself from the attacker. I saw nothing until I looked down. Johnny lay on the ground, mouth open in surprise and terror. His eyes didn't have that glossy look and his flesh was still warm; he must not have been lying behind me for long so I figured he was alive.

Wrong. The back of his neck leaked dark blood, which had begun to pool around his blond head. Whatever it was, it had literally severed Johnny's spinal cord when my back was turned.

I gulped. The murderer was still around and it was fast.

I turned and heard a rustle behind me, then a tear. I whipped around too quickly and fell onto the ground, something jabbing me in the base of the throat. I choked and hurriedly leaped off the ground and surveyed the ground below me. The grotesque sight that greeted me were dirty white bones with blood AND flesh still clinging to it...One bone jutted up and I guessed it was the one that had stabbed me.

But...Where had the bones come from? I thought and then a small voice popped into my mind. Where was Johnny? Or precisely, his body. The bones...they couldn't be his...Could they?

I searched through the pile. Johnny had an ID bracelet on his wrist that mom had made him wear. If I didn't find it, that would mean these bones were not I wouldn't. (Where would I find the luck?) I found a bracelet. It was bloody and seemed to have welded into a shape other than a bracelet. Maybe this was some else's bracelet? I wiped red from the engraved letters and the words seemed to glare back at me: Jonathan Wells.

These were his bones. But...What creature could have stripped a body so fast of its flesh and blood? And why?