Remember when the phrase

Do you ever think about it?

That we'd mutter under our breaths

In bunk bed conversations our mum's couldn't hear

Meant many things deep and dark

And mysteries to us all

Until we chose to go there?

There were too many things

We never understood and nobody explained

So we stumbled and fell and tried and flied

We went hard, we went home

And the only difference was that

We did it all in slightly separate worlds

Never was like gossiping round the quad though

There's not many of those mysteries you left out there girl

And your best friend now places a pint

In front of your shattered head and asks you

Do you ever think about it?

Looking weary, edgy

Pleading for your honesty

And she's talking about something

Deeper, darker

A mystery no-one's ever understood

Do you choose to go there?

Do you think about it?

When you're tired and raw and everything

I mean everything

Makes no sense

And you're not sure all the fragments

That make life up

Will ever fit together properly again

Like they used to

Like they never did really

Drain your pint there girl

Do you think about it?

Too often