Listening to the violin
At the beginning of the song
Reminds me of the heavy tears
The loud but unheard cries
Of those who had died in the WTC
They didn't deserve to die this way
But why did it have to happen that day?

The proud triumphant band strikes
Soon after the violins
Reminds me of those heroes who died
Trying to save others while in trouble
And themselves out of danger's way
And finally outside the danger zone
When the violins returned
Our heroes shared the same heavy tears
And the loud but unheard cries
With those who died in the WTC
No one had to die this way
The band with the violins
Throughout the song
Reminds everyone of those who died
Saving innocent people who were in danger
But died for their country at all costs
This reminds everyone of the bravery and courage
Our heroes have given us to pass down
To the younger generation
Yet we suffer the heavy pain in our hearts
For as long as we live until we die
To join those who sacrificed themselves for us

The violins return for a very tragic melody
For it has made me cry on the first time it plays
It has reminded me of everyone who were scared
Of another attack such as the WTC attack
But then realize, when the song reaches its final seconds
We have to move on and still honor
Our fallen heroes who died saving us all
Thank you for being our heroes
We're sorry you all had to leave so soon
But we still hold you forever in our hearts
Until our end of life...

God Bless America...
The World Trade Center are in our hearts forever...
Our heroes had served us well throughout their years
of dedication and struggles to live on...
We will be heard and we are heard from this day forward...
Let this day be the day of pride and honor...
Until our end of life, you are with us...
When it finally comes, we all shall meet again...
Rememeber our heroes...