To one who had died just recently
This poem is dedicated for him
To the one with a generous and sweet heart
This poem is about his short
But wonderful life

His name is Josh Ryan Evans
Really nice kid and all that
He's very funny and cute also
But he was born with a rare growth disorder
That prevents him from growing

Even with his growth disorder
He was a kid of generosity and love
With a heart of gold and
A soul of an angel from Heaven
He was also the cutest guy ever!

His hair short and blonde
It was thin but silky to the touch
His eyes were of the clear skies
The color itself can be seen
Through the many who love the color
His smile was very exquisite
That had left many of us laughing
And smiling or cry at the same time
It also left a feeling of his love
For those who love him back
His face was just the cutest baby face
There was no denying his cute little smile
Or his adoring eyes
But not one person could resist his love
From his heart of gold

Despite his disorder, he was
A great person to all around him
To me, he was the cutest of all cute things
To me, he was an angel from God's hands
To me, he was a person to love again
And again

Farewell Josh Ryan Evans...
For our tears will fall onto your face
And show you how sad we are to know
You are now in God's Kingdom
Though we have never met each other
I've always watched your lovely face
Through the TV screen, seeing you
Smile again and again
Hearing your sweet and cute voice
Adoring how cute you were
Loving every inch of your love
Given to those who love you back
And to those who have worked with you

All we can do is shed more tears
Wishing any one of us
Could have saved your life
If only we can do that now
We can still have you
But there is no way of reversing time
What had happened, already happened
Your picture plus a sad song
Equals more people crying for you
Wishing we could have saved you
Your picture plus the tears
Equals the sadness your death has spread
And the amount of love you have given us
To spread to others who also loved you

You are La Soldier of all soldiers
Though you died in a procedure
Which was supposed to save your life
You've put up a good enough fight
Against all things of evil
With your heart of gold
And your many special talents
You remain in the hearts of everyone
Who has loved you to death
A Farewell to Josh Ryan Evans