So easily amused so easily depressed
Not great in the department where love is stressed
Hair short and black, eyes hazel green
Sometimes, unknowing, is cruel and mean
Tall and thin, eyes light up when he smiles
Only able to laugh once in a while
Sometimes life is black and grim
Who knows what fate has in store for him...
Going to the store late at night
His spirits for once are at their height
Not locking his door he went in with his cash
Having fun, he raced in with a dash
Talking to his friends, alone he got in his car
Unknowing, he wasn't going that far
Going down the highway in the black of night
High beams flashing gave him the only light
He wondered why they flashed at him
This is when things start to look grim
A guy behind him, presumed to be following
Gave Josh a hard time to complete his swallowing
Swerving, trying to get josh to pull over
The guy in the pickup followed him back to Dover.
Josh forgot his cell phone and he was very scared
Right now he wished for everything endeared
He lost the guy somewhere close to Camden
Josh felt relieved and sucked a breath in
Josh stopped the car at a pay phone
The store was abandoned, he was all alone
Josh searched his pockets for a quarter or two
When he remembered a TV show out of the blue
It was the story of a guy who kept getting flashed
On the highway, by a car that wouldn't pass
On the backseat, unknown, was a man
Finally, at last, Josh understands
Suddenly a guy climbs out of his car
Holding a gun, not going too far
See Josh had been stupid fearing fear itself
Worrying of his mind and not of his health
The guy gave a sudden sadistic smile
Everything, for Josh, went blank for while
He woke up in a pool of his own blood
Spreading around him like an opening rose-bud
The paramedic above him looked like an angel
Josh knew for once he was out of the danger
"You'll pull through kid you're not that bad
But you really did make your parents sad"
Josh's mind went blank, only a white light
He tried to blink, but couldn't, it was too bright
The last thought the ever thought before he died
Was how that stupid paramedic had lied
Another tale of a teenager whose life had been sold
And had not had time to grow old
So sad really to die that way
We're all wrapped up in a game we play

By: Rebecca Victoria Berner

I am 14 years old and I enjoy writing my own poems, stories and
songs. Singing and acting are some of my other hobbies. I do very well at
school and you can contact me at imclovergirl713