The intentions are okay,
But actions prevail,
Why, so few intent on understanding end up like the rest,
Strictly reprimanding.
I'll bleed and I'll die,
But first I'll cry,
Intentions correct,
All gone into awful retrospect.
Soon I'll bleed and cry,
As the blade cuts my wrist,
My only wish,
Is to have them understand my intentions.
Soon I'll die as I bleed and cry.
Unimportant were my intentions they say,
Let them live with guilt,
I'll die and leave them to cry.
That parts a waste of time,
No one cared,
They'll never understand, let them try.
You could be a genius,
But without true intentions,
You wouldn't understand.
I hope that in the future,
They will read my feelings, written in this book,
Understand my ways.