I'm lying here, So quiet, Crying on the floor, How can they not see? My mind is ruined, For here and ever more.

I weep because I'm sorry, The pain they know not I've felt. It burns a hole within me, Crying out for help.

So once again I shiver, As I roll over and get up. The tears that streak my face, Will be gone in a minute with any luck.

They won't have to see me, With pain and sorrow on my face. So I put on my plastic smile, I don't want to be a disgrace, Wipe away the frowns last trace.

The only problem, Is that's not who I am. But that's who you treat me like, Who am I to disagree?

I keep my frown locked within, Until I have a moment I can cry, Then I'll fall to the floor and sob.

But when they call her name, The girl with the plastic smile, Comes right back out to play.