"Bye house!"

This is the line shouted countless times,
As we walked out the front door.
Now these words are a true reality,
Not to be uttered anymore.
There's a 'Sold' sign on the market,
We're saying goodbye for good.
My home is nothing special,
Just concrete, brick and wood.
But those four walls contain my past,
And there it will remain.
Never to be removed:
The joy, the sadness, the pain.

This is why it breaks my heart,
When I think about leaving it behind.
Afraid of losing, afraid of forgetting,
Everything inside my mind.
I'll carry on my journey through life,
But the images will remain strong.
Other people are planting their memories.
Surely that must be wrong?
I refuse to forget that part of my life,
Although a new path I will find.
Never losing, never forgetting,
Never leaving behind.