Just for a moment I caught the stray beauty

In the night skies a single firefly flickers on

Open your lazy eyes and see the world for it's beauty

You don't need to go far or look hard to find anything

We've led ourselve to believe fears and hates are only ones

We forget about that someone waiting for our voice so easily

Do we really need someone to shove it in our face for us

Do we really concentrate so hard on ugliness we think it's true

What is and has been ever true to us is love in its many forms

There is not a single person who hasn't been loved or loved

Love is the most incredible thing it the entire world or universe

It is strong, beautiful, and above all it's absolutely eternal

More eternal that any fears, hates, or doubts we hold onto

Have faith life will guide you in the right direction to live

Take a beautiful angel's hand disguised as the people you love

Laugh because if you have to struggle through life enjoy it

Take those messed up vases you made and smash them to the ground

Not before taking the mistakes with you to fix them into another one

When we stumble crossing the path of life, pick it up and keep going

What's to life if we don't live it, love it, laugh through it, and learn