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Chapter 10

"Lilly you slut!" Xaiver stood there in horrer as he looked at lilly laying on his brother's bed, completely nude. His blood boiled and all his anger came out at once "What the hell do you think you're doing?!"

Lilly was just as mad as he was. How dare he come in here yelling at her when not long ago he was making out with some other girl. "What do you care?! It's my body and i can do what i want with it!" she pulled the sheet up so she could cover herself.

"So you come crawling to my brother! What kind of low life bitch are you?! Has he touched you yet?" he asked, his anger raging.

She was about to tell him the truth but then she realized he'd probably back off faster if she lied. "Yes he did! i'm his woman now! I hate you Xaiver! I want to have Alexander's child not yours!"

This made him back down a little. What the hell had gotten into her? Sure she saw him kissing Kyoto but he never thought she'd run off to be with his brother. He made a mental note to kill his brother later. He glared at Lilly then left the room. If he stayed any longer he might do or say something he would regret later. Just then he saw Kyoto standing in the hallway waiting for him. He gave a long sigh and walked over to her.

A while after Kyoto and Xaiver dissappeared together Alexander slowly returned to his room. He say Lilly still ready and waiting for him. He looked away in disgust. "Put your clothes back on."

"But i want to be with you. Can't you see that?" Lilly gave him a pleading look.

"All i see is a lying little girl who is trying to use me to get back at my little brother. I heard your whole conversation with him. I didnt lay a finger on you. Dont drag me into your self lies to win back my brother. I dont want to have anything to do with either of you. Please get dressed and leave my room." He looked away from her, still looking so uncaring.

"But-" she started.

"Now!" he shouted at her.

She flinched then frowned as she gathered all her clothes and got dressed. She wanted to bust into tears but she knew it would only further anger him. She looked at him one last time before leaving his room. She flinched when the door shut behind her. Where could she go now? Both the guys were mad at her and she didnt feel comfortable around their parents. Maybe she'd go to the garden for a while. It was nice and peaceful there. She descended the stairs and went outside. It had gotten a little chilly out but she kept going. Then she remembered it was the garden where she saw Xaiver and Kyoto kissing. She decided to go somewhere else. No where else seemed good so she just sat down in the soft grass and curled her legs up to her chest. "What am i gonna do? they all hate me now and there's no turning back" she said to herself. "That's it, i'm leaving, i'll cause too much trouble if i stay" and with that she got up and walked off on her own, not sure of her destination. All she knew was she had to get there...

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