Xaiver continued to nervously remove the clothes off the girl. It was then that he noticed how beautiful she was. She had soft dark brown hair. Her skin was looking rather pale. But other than the dirty and old clothes she looked amazing. Her clothes hardly cover what was needed. Once he got her clothes off he looked at her body. She was far too skinny. Other than that she looked to be in nice shape. Her breasts were plump and perky. He continued to scan lower and saw that she must shave since there wasn't any extra hair on her arms, legs, or her womanly area.

His cheeks turned red at the sight of her naked body. It was then that he remembered what he was doing. He took off his shirt revealing a muscled chest free of chest hair. Then off came his pants and boxers. He had nicely toned legs that like his chest had no hair. He didn't swim or anything but he didn't think it looked good to have all that pointless hair on his near perfect body. He started to run some warm water in the bathtub. Once it reached a nice level he knew it was time for him to get in with her. The only problem was he had never been this close to a girl that was this beautiful. He sat in the large tub facing her and he took out a cloth and some soap then started to wash her arms then up to her shoulders and neck. He made sure to scrub hard since the dirt was almost as stubborn as he was. Once her upper area was as clean as it could be it came time to go lower. He blushed even more as his hand touched her soft wet breasts. He knew it was rude to stare but he couldn't help it. He quickly washed them then went on to her belly.

Once he had cleaned her legs, back, hands, and even her feet he was left with two last places he knew he shouldn't touch. He washed those two areas then rinsed her off and washed himself up in half the time it took to wash her. He rinsed himself then grabbed his towel and wrapped one around his waist and the other around the girl as her lifted her up and laid her in the guest bed. He dried her off carefully then took out some extra clothes they had for guests but then he said nothing that would fit her. He walked through the connected bathroom into his own room and pulled out one of his shirts and dressed the girl in it. It was way too big and she wasn't wearing any under garments but it was all he could do till morning. He tucked her into the blue satin sheets and brushed her hair out of her face.

She looked so angelic and peaceful. Her lips were a rosy color and there was something different about her. The way her chest would rise and fall when she breathed. The way she looked so at ease even though not long ago she was at the brink of death. She was still sleeping but she could almost feel the safety around her. Her eyelids fluttered open and for the first time he say her stunning golden eyes.

Suddenly he felt embarrassed again and his regular self came back. "It's about time you woke up. The least you could do is thank me for saving your worthless ass from dying," he demanded.

She looked at him a bit frightened. He was so rough with her and yet he claimed that he was the one who saved her. She stared into his brown eyes still afraid but for some reason she was relived.

"Well are you stupid or do you just not know how to talk?" He was getting fed up with her. How dare she not comply with his order! He was one of the most powerful people around and she dared to defy him?

"Th-thank you," she said timidly and smiled at him warmly. Since she was still very weak she instantly fell back asleep.

He rolled his eyes then tucked her in again then stood up and went back to his room still leaving the bathroom doors open so he could watch her. He tossed the towel that was around his waist in his hamper and he put on some clean boxers and a shirt much like the one the girl was wearing. He thought it would be best to tell his parents in the morning about the girl. It wouldn't be wise to disturb them before they go to sleep. He pulled back the covers and laid down in the king sized bed and went to sleep.

Later that night the girl awoke again. She didn't like the dark and she was getting afraid. There was a flash of lightning and some thunder then she instantly knew she had to get out. She was able to see through the bathroom and she spotted the boy who had saved her. She crawled out of bed and crept up to him. She took a deep breath and tapped him on his shoulder.

Xaiver grunted then rolled over to see who was bothering him at this hour. He was a bit surprised to see the girl he had saved standing there staring at him. He sat up sleepily then rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. "What do you want?"

"I got scared. I want to sleep with you if you will let me." She asked her question timidly afraid he would say no and send her back to the dark room alone.

Now of course it was really early in the morning so naturally he got the wrong idea about what she was asking. "Why would you want to sleep with someone you just met?" he asked a little nicer than he had been acting around her.

"I don't want to be alone. Please may I sleep with you?" if it was so dark he might have been able to see the desire in her eyes and above all the fear.

"I will admit you are very attractive but I don't want to have sex with you," he said flatly almost doubting his own words.

She blushed under the blanket of darkness. She had no idea that's what he was thinking she was asking him. "No sir I mean I want to sleep in the bed with you. I'm afraid and I would greatly appreciate it," she said sweetly.

He felt like an idiot. She was just afraid and here he thought she was asking for sex. He was so tired he didn't even feel like complaining. He moved over allowing her to a have a fair amount of space.

She climbed up into his bed and pulled the covers up close to her. She was glad he trusted her enough to let her sleep in his bed. For once in ages she was actually happy. She was still kinda fuzzy on what was going on but somehow she knew she could trust this guy. She snuggled under the covers and went to sleep.

Alexander was up early the next morning since he wanted to see this new girl his strange little brother had brought home with him. He decided he go to bother his brother first before he met the mysterious girl. He walked down the one floor of stairs to his brother's level. He gracefully strode down the hall till he reached his destination. Luckily for him the door was unlocked so he invited himself in. The sight he saw was a complete shock to him. There was his little brother with the girl curled up next to him and her arm was around his neck. He had no idea his little brother had it in him.

"Ahem I hope I'm not interrupting anything dear little brother," he said with a devilish smile on his face.

Xaiver noticed a strong scent right in front of him but he couldn't quite place what it was. His eyes slowly opened and he saw the girl practically in his arms. He sprung up and looked at his brother. "It's not what it looks like she just wanted to sleep with me and I let her."

"Don't worry dear brother I understand that she was too beautiful to resist. At least you two didn't wake mother and father." He walked over and sat next to the girl. He studied every inch of the girl before he looked back at his brother. "You have good taste brother. She seems to be a wolf demon judging by the ears, fangs, and claws."

"I just told you we didn't do anything! She was afraid of the dark so she wanted to be protected. I was so tired I just scooted over and went straight back to sleep."

Of course his brother believed him though it was hard seeing that girl with her arm around his neck in his bed. He kept looking at her till he noticed something. "You didn't have any clothes for her did you?"

Xaiver shook his head. It wasn't his fault that he wasn't excepting to just go out driving and find a girl laying in the streets and then need clothes for her. He got up out of bed then went to the bathroom to wash up.

"Brother how do you plan to tell mom and dad that you have this girl in your room wearing your clothes and sleeping in your bed?" he asked knowing that if his parents did hear that they'd be livid.

Xaiver hadn't thought of that. He knew that it would be best to tell the whole story since it would sound like he raped her if he didn't tell the whole thing. It seemed silly though that his parents would actually think their son who hadn't even had his first kiss would rape a girl he found on the street. He dismissed any more thoughts of that and he took a long hot shower to relax his nerves.

A while after Xaiver got into the shower the girl awoke. She was startled to see Alexander sitting on the bed next to her. She gasped and backed up away from him but she didn't get very far since she was already really close to the head of the bed.

"Don't be alarmed. I'm Xaiver's elder brother Alexander. I won't harm you." He tried to talk in the most calming voice he could. He knew that he had frightened the girl so he decided he'd be gentle with her till he knew more about her.

She thought about their names and how they looked. Something about them was so familiar but she couldn't put her finger on it. She thought for another moment then it hit her. They were Prince Xaiver and Prince Alexander. They were from the richest family she knew of. It took a moment for the fact that a prince had saved her to soak in. She had heard of the dark haired arrogant prince but she never dreamed she would ever meet him in person.

"I see you figured out who we are now may I ask your name my dear?"

"My name is Lilly. It's a pleasure to meet someone of your high status. Surely I am not worthy of even being this close to you," she said politely. She couldn't believe this was all happening. She was actually in the mansion that the richest family around lived in and she had slept in the prince's bed right next to him even. It was just so much she felt like she couldn't breathe.

"You don't have to be so polite. I'm afraid I must for an important meeting but I suppose I will see you at dinner." And with those final words he stepped out the door and went off to his daily routine.

She felt very alone in the room. She wondered where Xaiver had gone. Then the sound of water running came to her and she walked to the bathroom and heard Xaiver in the shower. She sat back down on the bed and realized that she most likely would be showering after him so she looked down at what she was wearing. It was then that she noticed that she was not wearing the same thing as she was yesterday. The only question was who washed and dressed her? So far she didn't see any maids around and there was no chance that anyone in such a high ranking family would do that so who did? She was forced out of her thoughts when the doorknob turned and Xaiver came out.

"Good you're awake. We have to speak with my parents after you get washed up and dressed." He walked to his closet then picked out an outfit for the day. Then it hit him that he still didn't have any clothes for her to wear. "On second thought you can get washed up and I'll go talk to my parents and see if my mother can do anything about getting you some clothes."

"Yes sir" She stood up then pulled off her one article of clothing.

He just happened to look over at her then he saw her naked form standing right there. "Whoa wait do that in the bathroom! Why are you undressing in front of me?" His cheeks once again took on a red tint.

"Since I am of a lower class it does not matter if you were to see me undressed since I am sure that the ladies of your status are more desirable." She stood there wondering why he was blushing so much.

"But still you're a girl and I'm a guy so I don't really even know you so please just go into the bathroom or cover yourself up." He felt ridiculous that he had to explain why she shouldn't be naked in front of him. Thankfully she went into the bathroom to take her shower. He sighed in relief then got dressed so he could tell his parents the news.

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