It had all happened so fast. On a humid spring day in LA, seventeen-year- old Californian, Elizabeth Carter came home from high school using the same route she always used to get home. Elizabeth was very tall for her age. She was almost six feet tall. She had a brilliant shade of brown hair that was just below her shoulders and green eyes that seemed to glow when she was happy. This day she was feeling down since she had failed yet another math test. As she was walking down the street to her house she notice there were two police cars in her driveway. Seeing the police cars made her quicken her pace toward her house. When she entered her driveway one of the policeman came over to her. He was tall and had dark eyes and hair and looked like he was in his early thirties. He was the one chosen to tell Elizabeth the bad news.

He slowly approached her and told her an awful thing had happen. Elizabeth didn't know what to think. Did something happen to her neighbor? Did her house get broken into? She had so many ideas, but none were as bad as what she was told. The cop told her that her mom had been in a car accident earlier that afternoon and she was rushed to the hospital. Elizabeth spaced out. She didn't hear anything else for a few seconds. She got so dizzy she just couldn't think straight. Finally she got control of herself and asked the man if her mom was okay. He looked at her with tears in his eyes and asked if she heard anything that he said. She replied, "yes", and anxiously asked again if her mom was okay. The tears were now coming down the policeman's face. He felt so bad for this girl who would soon be without any family. He replied to her question in a soft, gentle voice and said that the doctors had done everything they could to save her mom, but she was hurt so badly she and survive.

Shocked Elizabeth dropped all the books she had been holding. She then started to cry. The policeman reached out and held her in his arms. Elizabeth put her head on his broad shoulders and cried even harder. 'Why did this have to happen to my mom?' was the only thought going through her head. She could not believe it. Now the least of her problems was the 58% on her math test.

She had no other family but her mom. Her dad ran away with another woman when Elizabeth was twelve and his family was never fond of Elizabeth or her mom. Her mother was also an only child and her parents were dead. Elizabeth had no family and could not live alone since she was not yet 18. She had no idea what was going to happen to her.

After sobbing for what seemed like forever, Elizabeth lifted her head from the policeman's shoulder and apologized for making his shirt wet. He didn't mind. He then told her to go pack an overnight bag because she would have to spend the rest to the day down at the police station. She agreed and went into her house to pack her clothes.

The police had driven her to the police station that was about ten minutes from Elizabeth's house. There they escorted her to a room and told her to sit and wait. She asked what for and the one policeman said they had to call a social worker to work out where she was going to stay until she was eighteen. This worried Elizabeth. She didn't want to go away from home.

About fifteen minutes later a petite woman with brown hair came into the room. She introduced herself as Angela Hoffner. She was to be Elizabeth's social worker. She sat down next to Elizabeth and talked to her calmly about what was going to happen. Angela explained to Elizabeth that she was too young to live on her own and since she had no relatives she would have to be put in a foster home. Elizabeth was not comfortable with this. She didn't want to live with people she didn't know. Elizabeth then started to cry. She was left alone in the world and didn't know what to do. Angela then told her she had good news. She had already found a family that was willing to let her live with them. Elizabeth asked where they lived, what their names were, when would she have to leave, and how did she find them so fast. Angela replied that the family that she was to live with was the Johnsons and they lived in Tampa Bay, Florida. She would have a foster mother named Jane and a foster father named Robert, along with two foster brothers named Brian and Kevin. Angela also told her that the Johnsons had been on a list of families that were willing to take care of children without parents and were at the top of the list so they were contacted first. Elizabeth looked at her in disbelief. An hour ago she found out her mother died and now she already had a family wanting to take care of her. She then asked again when she would have to leave. Angela replied in two days and that she would stay with her and help her pack her things until that time. She also said that she would be flying with her to Tampa Bay to meet her foster family. The answer satisfied Elizabeth. Ten minutes later she was in Angela's car heading home. That was two days ago.

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