The suns rays harshly, greedidly running its fingers
through my flaming red hair, carelessly running its gaze over
my milk white skin, and rudely peircing my green eyes, bothering
them with its bitterness,
I'm sitting in a park on a sickly green painted plastic bench, waiting
ever so patiently for the sun to return to its resting place just below the
I sit here all day, in my most boreing and most powerless form, a
human. I watch all the people walk by, mothers pushing strollers totting
other young children. Courting young boys and girls holding hands and
'Sweet-nothings' to each other.
I sit here, in my rags, watching this selfish greedy middle American
rushing through to hussle and bussle of their swallow lives. They ignnor my
plate reading;
'will work for food'
They don't pitty me, but then I don't wish for it nor have any need for it
either. They never went for a day or two with out a good warm meal, never
had to sleep in
the wood, in a small makeshift shack. Nor did they ever once have to watch
young delinguite males tare your small dwelling down.
Yes they have many luxoriouse things that I never have had, that I'll
They also have never, ran in the moonlight in an open field, graze in the
long forgotten pastures of an old farm safe from any possible harm. I have
something that they can never have, never buy with cash or credit.
The change. The change from one being to another, all in one single night,
every night of their life They'll never experience the sensation of your
whole body
forming into another, a more powerful being then themselves, never hear
the sound of their footsteps pounding in their ears, crashing through a
cool creek.
The sun its gone and the sun is turning blood red, time to leave my bench.
I stand and saunter over to the thick wood. I walk down my usual and well
beaten path. The
crickets singing to tell the close night of my change that will soon
happen. I walk carefully over the creek, stepping on large stones that are
protureding throug the
shiny black surface of the creek.
The wood stops and the wide open field appears in front of my eager eyes.
The grass in the field is already glimering from the moons soft touch. I
look around for no reason, then shed my tattered clothes, I walk into the
clearing a bit farther. My heart
awaitng the moment of the change.
Finally I can feel the warmth enclose its self around my whole body, a
tender prickle
runs itself up my back. I start to feel my face grow long, my eyes growing
farther apart from each other. My back hunches over, my withers already
becoming more apparent.
My legs and arms lengthen, my hands and feet clsping together forming
thick round hooves. I drop on all fours, I feel my spine creating more
vertibrates to
support my long frame.
My thighs grow thicker and move up closer to my hips, my stomach fattens
and my chest shapes into a barrel. My ears become longer and hair sprouts
out from them.
My tail flows out where my spine ends growing long enough to rest
peacefully on the grass. My red hair begins to flow and intwine itself
into the pores of my skin, first my arms, my face next, then my back and
finally my back legs.
"THE CHANGE IS COMPLETE!" I neigh wildly into the stary black sky.
I turn to run up the grassy hill, my hooves thundering underneath me,
exciting me even more. I breath in deep, the smell of sweet lemon grass and
alphalpha filling my large nostrils. My huge heart pumping in my ears, the
wind competing with it to be heard over the other.
I reach the top, and I leap onto my strong back legs. I whinny long and
loud, the echo returning to my ears. I punch the thick night air hard,
first my left then my right. I plumet down on all fours again and run off
to the other end of the open clearing.
Those foolish people, they'll never know these feelings, these sounds these
tastes. They'll be stuck in their normal weak little bodies, die and never
know any of this.
No amout would ever make me give my blessing, my gift away to another, for
any amout of time.