Remembering Death

~ * ~ * ~

Blood all over my favorite jeans,

Blood falling all down the seams,

What the hell happened here?

What's with all the crystal tears?

Why can't I remember what went on?

I'm just sitting here, blinking in the early dawn.

Why is there crimson all over the floor?

All I remember is - it is you I abhor.

Maybe you were the cause of this pain...

Maybe everything you lost was my gain...

Maybe that's why I did this...(did what?)

Hmm...that's not an idea I'll dismiss...

Whoa, wait a sec - what did I do!?

Oh my gosh...did I kill you!?

This is your broken body lying on the floor!

That's your bloody handprint on the door!

So, this is why I cry,

All my iridescent tears pooling on the mat.

You're so pretty when you die.

I killed you for that.