A/N: I was reading A.S Byatt's Possession while it was raining and hailing.
The mention of Faery stories and myths written by the poets in the book
reminded me of the tale of Noah having to leave the unicorns behind when
the great Biblical floods came for 40 days and 40 nights.


Under the thunderous rumbling,
Playing in shadows cast by the sunless sky
With their glistening white hair darkened by clouds,
The unicorns rejoiced for the coming rains.

The lightning, still high in the heavens,
Shed fits of bright flashes on its earthly domain below.
More part of the intermixed light and darkness than separate,
The great horned horses pranced light-footed:
Awaiting the shower to dampen
The dust agitated by their cloven hooves.
Heads tossed eagerly
Unfurled glorious manes of untouched snow,
Catching and trapping light in the crowning forehead spires.

Then the sky parted to unleash a torrent of water
That came drumming down
To flood the earth and its beasts.
The faint hearted fled, summoned by a man to his boat,
Leaving only the unicorns to dance in the rain.
Content to do so, their flanks shimmering wet,
They watched the others go,
Feeling no remorse in being left.

Contrarily, they reveled in their solitary dominion,
Knowing that they were meant
To rule this flood and the pages of latter-day myths.
Accepting their fate, they splashed merrily
And swam swiftly when their feet were ungrounded:
Prime illustrations of a full life's living
Against the seeming odds
That were really just design.

This the magic creatures knew
And kept for themselves
As the storms took them away,
To remind us now
Of life's predestination
And choices neither black nor white,
But colored by their flashing horns
On the canvas of our memories.