Paper Plane

My heart was a paper plane,
Simple white and pure.
I left the safety of my maker,
(Too early I think),
To test my wings and try the sky.
I braved the buffeting winds,
I fended off the flying foes,
I swished and swayed in the storm,
But through it all I stood firm.

Then the raging inferno of hate,
Consumed my tiny body,
It crumpled and frayed my edges.
And when the torrents came,
I could not hold my balance
And I tumbled down, creases and all
Into the slimy muck.
The droplets on the outside,
Corroded away my stronghold.
While the bleeding on the inside,
Made my soul grow weary.
Crushed by unwary weights,
Buried by guilt ridden thoughts.
I wallowed in my self-pity,
And drowned in self-induced pain.

I never did dream,
To ever
Fly again.

Then you came along
And lifted me from the muck.
You held me gently and shook me up.
Smoothing out the creases,
You tried to make me clean.
Bit by bit you mended me
And remodeled my ruined wings.

But when you tried to let me fly,
I plummeted to the ground.
(Sad to say) You should've been warned,
Of the disappointment to come.
For mud-covered, tear-stained planes,
With mangled wings and broken bodies
Can never fly again.

Written : 28.07.03

A/N: I started writing this at a bus doesn't really sound much like my style but I kind of liked the ending. Well, tell me what you think.

- ® Pris Yeo ® -