I pray now for my family.
I pray now for my friends.
But must of all I pray,
For those horrid Nazi men.
They know not what they've done.
They know not what they do.
I pray that You forgive them.
I pray that I do too.
They came into my home.
They took the children I was hiding.
They took me then as well,
I could barely keep from fighting.
Speak to them, Oh Lord,
Cause them to relent.
Turn it all around.
Let no more lives be spent.

I only wished to help,
To save the hated race.
If they'd only seen the fear
In the child's face.
Then perhaps they'd understand,
Perhaps they'd see my case.
Use me Lord to bring them,
To bring them to what's good.
They are Christians too,
Living not as they should,
Yet they might change their ways,
And stop their horrid game.
Oh Lord teach me to forgive them,
That they might do the same.