Fragments of time I once knew fly by
And I desperately stretch up to snatch them back.
The wing tugs at my hair, pulling me into a reverie
And blowing away silently what I thought I could salvage.
Your words will always remain etched
In my heart and soul for their cruelty.
I would, by all means, forget the way you looked at me
But I, don't think I'm crazy.
I smell you, the cause of my addiction
Coursing through my outlined veins
As I make a few bungled attempts
At carving the alleged truths into my river of life.
Shattered pieces of memories,
Broken shards of woven dreams,
Will grow silver wings and fly away
To the world of fantasy where they belong;
Where angels fly and the breathless unknown tread
Where I try, hard, to go.
Elusively rational thoughts evade me.
For I am consumed by the image of you.
But when I reach out to touch you
All I can grasp are crushed hopes and forgotten promises
As well as a handful of air.
Then opening my hand,
I unwillingly,
Let go.

Written: 26.06.03

A/N: I do not feel like simplifying this poem for those who don't understand it. It is honestly not that complicated. The only piece I had the courage to post up from the collection of my recent work, I hope to hear what you have to say about it.

- ® Pris Yeo ® -