Hello, again.
Fancy meeting you here.

Shall I tell you who I am?
And what I can do
To make you understand
That we were meant to be together,

All over again?

I don't see why
I always bother.
What reasons do you have
To forget me so easily?

I can read your thoughts, you know.
Yes, you know that I know.
Guess what?
I know that you know.

I know your voice.
I know every facet of it.
I know the high pitch you take when you're angry,
The soft, whispering tone you take when you're unsure.
I walk your walk.
I talk your talk.
I know it all.

But you knew that already.

I know the way you look around nervously
While you search for a quick exit.
I know the way your eyes shine
Or dim,
Depending on the brevity of the situation.

I dream your dreams.
I have your nightmares.
Your innermost desires are revealed
To Me.
You hide nothing.

I smell your skin,
I know the scent.
I remember your breath.
I speak at the exact moment you open your mouth.

I've had your experiences,
And memorized
your every rule and regulation.
And then broken some..

I hear your laughter.
I know what makes you laugh.
I can make you cry
if I want you to.

I know what makes you tick
I know what buttons to push.
I know everything.
But I will do nothing.

I feel your soul.
Creeping around
Wondering out loud
And then being spanked into silence.

I can taste your body
If I wish.
Without your consent,
I can force you to..

I know your heart.
I know your mind.
Inside and out,
Right-side up,
Upside down.

When the lights come on
you will scream my name.
And maybe then you'll realize
That's it's no big surprise.
After all,
I am you.