"The morning after" By: Yuri Fan Description: Sometimes the most romantic moment couples share isn't the first night. Warning: You may chose to interpret this story however you wish. It is the story of someone and a girl who are in love. The someone may be interpreted as a boy or a girl, I do not give them a gender, nor do I imply which gender they may be. The kinds of emotions that they are feeling could be interpreted as girly, but it could be a girly boy. It's really your call.

When I ask about the most romantic moment couples share, they usually tell me it was their first night together. But it wasn't that for me. It was the morning after.

I awoke a little before she did. Our naked bodies were still pressed together, locked into the embrace that we had started before we feel asleep. I loved the feeling of holding her, touching her.I thought I might wake up alone, a victim to a one night stand or a dream.

Looking at her, so peaceful.I realized thoughts like those were silly. I let my mind drift back to the night before.

Had it really been me, doing that? I felt so special, so important. I guess its like that when you lose your virginity. I felt so close to bonded. Would she notice if I gave her a kiss?

I saw her mumble something in her was just too irresistible. I didn't want to wake her up.I'd just give her a little peck on the lips. I felt so alive, so tingly, as our lips met. Last night I was so she leave me? Would I do something wrong?

Now I felt so happy, so satisfied. She was mine and I was hers.

The kiss had not ended, and I could tell I had awakened her with it because she started kissing back. As our tongues met, I gave her and extra tight squeeze. I felt like our bodies might merge together, we were so close.

We stopped, and she just looked into my eyes. I didn't need to ask. I knew she wasn't upset that I woke her up.

"It feels so good to wake up next to you." Could I love her more? I doubted it. She meant everything to me.

We cuddled softly for a while, letting our bodies and arms and legs get caught in the blankets. We could stay in bed all day, if we wanted. My whole life, I've felt so now.I didn't know if it was instinctual or intellectual, and I didn't care. All I knew was that being there with her like this was the greatest joy imaginable.

"Wanna take a shower?" Her in such simple happiness was clearing getting to me. Even with four simple words, she sounded like an angel!

I nodded, and we almost reluctantly left our bed. I gazed at our naked bodies in the mirror, and felt a little strange that we didn't need to take off our clothes. Our unclad forms brought back memories of the night before again, and I remembered all of my fear. Then I remembered how good it felt to hold her close when we finished, and how good it felt to wake up still hugging.I noticed our bodies were no longer in contact, and I almost desperately grabbed her hand.

She let out a tiny giggle, and I could tell she didn't mind. We tiptoed in to the shower, and we had barely had ten seconds in it before we were in each others arms again.

"I love you." How many times I had said it last night? Too may too count, but I needed to say it again, and again. I could never say it enough times. Her hands burrowed through my hair, and I sighed, reveling in the bliss of our gentle passion.

Before I knew what she was doing, she pressed me up against the shower wall and pushed her mouth into mine. My breath was stolen almost instantly, and I had to try to steady my knees as not to crumple to the floor.

It was indescribably wonderful and well timed. She explored my mouth seemingly effortlessly. She owned my mouth, and she needed to have it in her immediate possession. Usually, I only heard my own thoughts about how much I loved her play themselves over in my head, but this time I could feel what she was thinking.

We broke this kiss, both of us gasping and smiling. It was still exiting, knowing there was someone out there who really cared, who really loved us. I guess when you spend so much of your life alone, you appreciate someone there that much more.

We pressed our foreheads together, letting the water fall down on us. I thought I could almost hear us breathing at the same rhythm, but it could have been my imagination.

"Last you feel asleep, I was thinking about you. I was thinking about how much you love me.I can tell by the look in your eyes. I got this feeling like my heart was going to stop. That. Right now. Every time you look at me like that, I feel like I'm just going to die from happiness."

Overcome with emotion, I rushed up to her and pressed our bodies together, needing to feel her heart.

"Lub dub, lub dub, lub dub." It's so is it so beautiful to my ears? Every single repetition seemed to bring me to the brink of tears.

"Your heartbeat .the most beautiful sound I've ever heard." She flung her arms around me, and sobbed.

"You don't don't know how you make me me we'll feel this every me." I stroked her hair.

"Every day.I'll always be 'll always be in each others arms." Water flowed across our hugging bodies, washing away our tears and sliding down our flesh.

We left, and dried ourselves off. We hugged again, and I felt like I never wanted to let go.

It was far too good to be true. Every second, both of us had kept thinking our relationship would simply disappear like a cloud of smoke. But it did not disappear. I had found I girl that I loved, and who loved me back.

The doubts had been somewhat eased by the joy of waking up together and the words spoken in the shower, but now they finally melted away as we kissed again. Our souls were combining, and I knew now that they would never come apart. I don't know why, but the look on her face showed she knew it too. Our fear of pain was gone, replaced in a faith in the one thing in our lives we truly cared about: each other.

"I love you" she said.

"I love you too."