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Chapter 2.


The alarm clock just wouldn't die.

It started beeping again around 9:00am,forcing poor Gabe out of his slumber.

He growled at the alarm clock and stood up,managing not to tangle himself in the crimson sheets again.

Stretching,he knew he wouldn't be able to get back to sleep,so he walked to his bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror.

His hair was in a disarray,he sighed and grabbed a comb,wetting it and running it through his hair.

He looked at himself again and sighed,his blonde hair lay slightly flat,the red streaks running through it separated.

His green eyes were clearer now that he was awake. He peered at himself a moment longer,then his brigt green eyes looked around the room.

Back in his bedroom he looked around for something to wear,rolling is eyes he grabbed a pair of faded blue jeans and a random t-shirt off the floor,slipping them on and walking out the door.

He put his shoes on and grabbed is school bag,using the same one he had last year and walking out the front door after locking it behind him,happy that his mother and step-father were gone already.

He began walking to school.


Jesse sat in a back row of seats in thier arts center,the room was large..and..blue. All the chairs were covered in navy blue fabric and drapes of the same shade.

He figured it was around 9:30 or maybe a bit later. They had been sitting here for what seemed like forever. The teachers had decided to give welcome back speech,and it was boring everyone to a near lethargic mode.

Jesse looked down at his notebook where he had been doodling for the last hour or two. There were little chibi figures of Kurama and Hiei,the fire demon,all over the first few pages.

Ripping a piece off as silently as he could,he balled it for the familiar blonde and blue head of hair.

Him and Tyler had separated once they got to school,Tyler had gone off to find the other two guys that usually hung around them.

He spotted Tye sitting next to Gabe((Who had arrived not very long ago)) and Luke a few rows ahead of him.

Raising his hand he tossed the piece of paper for Tye's head,being the bad aim that he was it missed and smacked into the girl next to Tye.

Smothering a laugh as the girl turned around and glared at everyone,he looked back down at is notepad to avoid acusation.

Tye saw this and turned around,giving Jesse an amused glance and waving to him,motioning him to come sit next to them.

Gabe turned around and did the same,he glanced up and down the row and mouthed back to them "No seat.".

Gabe shrugged and motioned him forward shrugged and grinned and started to walk,ducked down,to thier seat.


Luke calmly stared at the stage in front of him,watching as Jesse cralwed between seats and Gabe pulled him onto his lap,efficiently blocking others views and giving Jesse a seat,Tyler was giggling softly.

Luke rolled his eyes,smirking slightly,his friends were just plain weird most of the time.

Luke reached over and plucked the pencil and noterpad out of Jesse's hands and flipped through it.

He glanced at the pictures and turned to a clean page and began to draw.

He bit back a yawn as his black eyes slid over the clean piece of paper,the sheer whiteness of it forcing his pupils to dilate. He picked up the pencil and softly began to sketch a picture.


Tye was giggling softly as Gabe grabbed Jesse around the waist and plopped him onto is lap.

Jesse made a small 'meep' sound and looked at Tye.

Jessd over to wisper to Tye,"Dad wants me to stop by the shop after school,do you want to come?"

Tye blinked,"Yeah,ask the others,too."

Jesse nodded and looked at Gabe,who had heard the question.

Gabe nodded and leaned over and asked the question to Luke ,who also nodded.


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