Count Demetra

By Zelda

Summary: The house of Count Dracula has been empty for years. But when six friends enter the house they fall into something much deeper and find a vampire far worse then Dracula: His daughter, Demetra. But how can they beat something that cannot be killed?

Author's Notes: Demetra is one of my many names. It is just the one I chose to use for this story because of the whole Dracula thing. So really the villein of this story is I. Sakura, a character to come in later, is Sakura Starfire, a friend of mine. Just thought that two characters in this story are people that exist.

Well . . .here you go . . .

````````````````````` Prologue (Preview, type, thing . . .)```````````````````

She walked through the dusty, creaky, old house and smirked. Her father really didn't know how to take care of a house. But then again, she thought, he hasn't been in this house for over a thousand years. The house was expected to be in a right state. What had she planned on finding? A dark house that didn't have spiderwebs and looked brand new?

Demetra sighed. It had been a long time since she had roamed the halls of this house. Every since her mother, Jun, had found out what her husband was she took Demetra away. And when Jun and Demetra returned fife years later it was to find Dracula being chased out of the town by a mob of angry people. They had chased him yelling, "Demon! Creature of the night! Never again will you plague us!"

Demetra laughed at the memory. A demon? They had no idea . . . She stopped her exploring of her old house when she came to a large portrait. As Demetra looked at it memories of when she had lived here flooded back to her. In the portrait were a man, a woman, and a young girl no older then fife. Demetra recognized those people instantly. The young girl was she. Her black hair was much shorter then but her face hadn't changed. Demetra still had the same heavy lidded eyes, the same face, and the same expression. An expression that no other child her age should wear on its face. It was a mixed expression of hatred and immense sorrow. Her hatred was towards her father for being who and what he was and for making her whom she was. But the sorrow in her eyes were from the fact that no matter how hard she tried Demetra would never be normal. Never.

Demetra shifted her gaze to the face of the woman. She smiled as she found the face of her mother gazing pleasantly back at her. Jun's short black hair was glistening in the moonlight streaming through a window. Her face bore a smile Demetra knew very well. Around her neck she wore the silver pendent that Demetra now wore. The pendent was a black crystal. Though it looked like just an abnormal crystal that just happened to be black in truth it was something far more then that. So much more then that . . .

Demetra tore her eyes of the smiling face of her mother and turned to walk away. She didn't want to look at the face of her father. She had seen it many times in vampire books and movies. And all of the pictures and drawings of him were pretty accurate. She really didn't want to look at the real thing again.

Instead Demetra walked over to a near by window. As she walked her long black dress weighed down by several chains left a strike on the dusty floor marking the places she had already been. Demetra gazed out of the window intensely. The house - my house, she corrected herself- was set on a tall hill. Below it was a city that was bathed in moonlight. It was much bigger then what Demetra remembered. But it had been a thousand years and more and more peoples come every year so . . . The lights from houses glistened in the darkness below. Demetra scowled. " Ruining the beautiful darkness with that accursed light! The fools," Demetra spat. Her hatred of the light ran deeper then her hate of the people who turned Demetra into the evil twisted woman that she was now.

Demetra sighed. These mortals would soon pay for what happened. Demetra would get her revenge. She would now do the task she vowed she would do that day her parents were killed: These people will see a reign of evil like nothing ever before. Demetra smiled. "A reign of evil that has never before been seen and never will be again."

TBC . . .

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