Thanks for waiting patiently everyone... I hope you haven't lost interest in it... cause of the long wait... It's quite a load of crap... and im thinking of discontinuing it... but there are a few reasons that im still foolishly writing it... even though I consider it quite stupid. 1) people seem to like it... especially all you kind people that generously reviewed. 2) callie isn't gonna write apathy anymore if I stop writing this... so I guess I have to... 3) frank... is a real person... and that real person is amazing... and I'm writing this for him... because he has faith in me... so maybe I should too. Thanks a lot for the support everyone. reviews make my world go round. see ya at the next chapter!


Chapter 13

Frank got back home around 7 o'clock. He was utterly ecstatic, and decided to call Bridget. He would patch things up. Everything would go back to normal, especially now that there was a new aspect to his life.

"Hello?" her small voice said on the other end.

"Hey," he said cheerfully.

"Hi," she said in a more uplifting voice. He seemed so happy now... She wondered what had happened.

"I'm sorry about before, Bridget. I... I overreacted. See... my past is... not that great, and I... I'm not handling it that well right now. But I have great news! I got another band!" Frank said enthusiastically.

"Oh wow! Frank, that's great! Tell me about it!" Bridget was really happy for him.

"Well, I saw an ad for it at "Blackeye" a few days ago. And I called the lead singer, Sapphire. She told me to come by "Blackeye" today after school and audition. The whole band agreed I was the best they had seen so far, so I'm in!" Frank was so happy that Bridget still wanted him. After the way he had acted... he had been sure she wouldn't want him. But she was so forgiving...

"So what are you guys called?" please don't let anything come between us again, Bridget kept repeating in her head.

"Mad Omen. Cool name huh?"

"Yeah, it's great Frank. I'm really happy for you," Bridget said earnestly.

"That means a lot to me. Listen, I'm sorry for being such a bastard. It must have been hell for you, and I wasn't any help when you needed comfort. It's gonna be different from now on, okay? I promise," Frank said soberly.

Bridget stifled a sob, "Thanks."

"We're playing at "Blackeye" next Saturday. We haven't gone out anywhere in a while. Wanna come?"

"Sure. That would be great."

"You can meet the band after. It'll be really great."

"Yeah. Uhmmm... this Sapphire girl..." Bridget trailed off. She didn't know why she mentioned it, but her gut instinct was screaming at the name.

"What about her?" Frank said light heartedly.

"Well... What's she like?" Bridget whispered.

"She's great. Really great."

"That's good... If you all get along it'll be great..." Bridget said more subdued. She wondered what Sapphire was like... Her gut was still screaming... Really loud.


Frank led Bridget through the tightly packed solidity of the masses crowding around the stage. She looked around amazed... so many people had turned up for Frank's band. She was very happy for him, but at the same time, she couldn't help but dread what was waiting for her backstage. Frank opened the door and Bridget took a deep breath. She looked around bemused. She had never been backstage. The place overloaded her senses... she felt a sort of energy, a presence there. Probably all the built up anticipation from hundreds of bands that had stood there each night, getting ready to perform.

Bridget's heart skipped a beat when she saw a tall figure approach. She had sleek, shiny black hair, that was very untidy, as if screaming "I don't want to please you! I don't want your approval!" She had on a bright pink shirt with black writing. It read "PleaSe Don'T duBb mE A ManSoNIte". She was wearing a very short skirt, and fishnet stockings. Her boots, that ran all the way to her knees made her feet look humongous. She had three piercing in her full, black lips. Her eyes were encircled by an inch of black, and her face was unusually pale. Her smile was mocking, almost patronizing. She looked down on Bridget as she stopped in front of them, as if to say "You don't belong here". She looked up at Frank, "You're late. The rest of the band's set up. Where's Nancy?"

"Over there," Frank pointed to a chair, where Nancy lay forgotten... woebegone.

"Well what are you waiting for? Go tune her and get on stage!" Sapphire said, a bit annoyed. It was evident that Bridget's presence wasn't agreeing with her. Frank left the two of them alone, having forgotten introductions, sat down and started tuning the bass.

Sapphire granted Bridget one more patronizing look, and went to sit next to Frank. Bridget felt like she was sinking slowly... in a sand pit of helplessness. This girl... this icon that was more than perfect in Frank's eyes was going to take him away and there was nothing she could do except stand there... feeling as helpless as she did.

"Frankie... she's not supposed to be back here," Sapphire whispered languidly as Frank concentrated on Nancy's strings.

"I told you not to call me that," he whispered rigidly, remembering Marjorie and shivering slightly.

"Get rid of her will ya? She's not supposed to be here! She'll only get in the way!" Sapphire said with more force.

"Bridget doesn't get in the way. She'll be a fly on the wall, I promise. But she does want to watch, so if you want her outside so bad, lead her out, to the front of the stage," Frank said absently, as he finished tuning Nancy.

Sapphire smiled and got up. She walked sensually towards Bridget... who felt paralyzed. How was she supposed to act when she was around this... this image of perfection? It was just too much to take.

"You're not supposed to be back here. Come on," she said coldly, walking in front of Bridget, not bothering to look back at her. She led her outside, squeezed dexterously through the crowd and brought Bridget right to the front. They were the closest ones to the stage. Suddenly, Bridget looked up, and was quite taken aback to see Sapphire smiling in a forced benign way at her.

"So how long have the two of you been together?" she asked, honey literally dripping out of her full, pouty mouth.

"Uhmmm... not that long... About a month and a half..." Bridget mumbled.

"He hasn't really said anything about you. I was surprised when he showed up with you backstage. He never even told me he had a girlfriend," Sapphire laughed. But Bridget could see where this was going...

"Well... you're probably busy... rehearsing and all," she felt ineloquent. This bestial creature that hid behind her sex appeal and rock and roll image made her feel completely inadequate.

"Oh no! Not at all! We've talked so much the past couple of days. We've gotten really close," Sapphire smiled again, but not so benevolently. There was malice in her eyes. Bridget could tell that this was someone who was used to getting what she wanted. And she wanted Frank. She was going to get him... no matter what stood in her way. And Bridget certainly didn't seem like a big barrier to her. She probably thought that a couple of words would make her back down. But she wouldn't... she couldn't... not as long as Frank still wanted her. If... he still wanted her. She felt panicky all of a sudden... what if he didn't want her? But she couldn't think of that now... when she was being assaulted by this hypocrisy in knee high outrageous boots.

"Well, it was nice to meet you Bridget. I hope you like our show. And don't wander around too much. You don't want to get lost, do you?" Sapphire said slowly, relishing the last few words. She was patronizing her like crazy and enjoying every minute.

Bridget blushed, but said nothing. She hated herself for having lived in a vacuum of inexperience her whole life... and not knowing anything about the world. All she knew... were the horrible things people could do... without any reason. And that was nothing... compared to what someone like Sapphire had experienced. She felt completely alone... and immensely depressed.