"Punching Bag"
M. Nelson
Written: 8/8/2003

Rip from me the thing that holds me in life
The heart I wore on my sleeve to hold you close
Tear from me the one thing that made me live
Your smile when tears clouded my vision
Go on and make me suffocate from loneliness
When I needed you here by my side
It seems as everyone is taking their turn -
I'm just hanging here like a lifeless punching bag
Tell me who I remind you of now
When you and I are one and the same
Evidently I betrayed you to keep me happy
And I guess you did the same to me
So wouldn't that make us even on all terms
That we don't have to play this game of hurt
Take your turn on beating my soulless corpse
And I'll be your guardian angel
I'll keep on protecting you with my life
Even after you kill me with my good intentions