Still in the silence

Heavy headed, hollow soul

Breathing the dark in

Exhaling the light out

Knowing what it is doesn't make fighting it

Any easier

And to go with it would lead me down a road

Most people can't turn back from

The images of this life

Never faded, never changed or died

And it is beautiful

Even if sight's been temporarily

Switched off or you just choose

Not to see

But I'm in the silence still

Pausing only to

Ingest more therapy

Heavy hearted, heavy hands

The sun never stopped shining

And when the black dog

Ceases to be my constant companion

I hope to walk in the warmth

To never feel like I've swallowed darkness whole again.

Or at least to remember to spit out

And reject

The parts that the dog lives in

I spoke to a friend (you know who you are) about this the other day who told me they couldn't get their head around it and asked me to explain, so… As much as I don't like explaining so much, I'll try. 'Black Dog' is a really old and not often used euphemism for lingering depression. Something most people feel at some point or another. I just thought I'd have a stab at what it can feel like to have the dog walking by your side…