Chapter Eight - Jay and Joe. Uh-Oh

"This is so exciting!" Olivia whispered into Matthew's ear, the next night. Lucky for them, their first

game was a night game. Emily was staying with Taila till the game ended.

Matthew stared at her for a second. "It's a little league game, for Christ's sake." Matthew who was in a

very bad mood for some reason, sat huddled on the bleachers, with a hot chocolate in his hand.

"Wow, you sure know how to damper a girl's mood," Olivia took a sip of her coffee. "What happened?

Taila dump you for an older guy?"

Matthew choked on his hot chocolate. "What the Hell are you talking about? Taila and I were never

going out."

Olivia nodded, taking another sip of her coffee. "Uh-huh, sure. I'm not an old lady, Matt. I'm actually

pretty young."

Matthew just gave her a deadly look. "Yo, Bryan!" Matthew spotted his friend walking up the bleachers

to them. "When'd you get here?"

Bryan slapped him on the shouldered. "My uncle just dropped me off."

Olivia's eyebrows rose in interest, "Oh yeah? So I finally get to meet the fabulous coach. Ethan never

stops talking about him, its kinda disturbing.

Bryan sat down on the bleacher in front of them and laughed. "Yeah, I know, my uncle loves Ethan.

Likes your husband too."

Olivia quickly responded, placing a hand over her heart. "Dear Lord, he is not my husband."

Matthew smirked. "No, she's just in love with him."

Olivia slapped him on the shoulder. "Shut up. Shush the game's starting."

Suddenly, the Red Rovers entered onto the field and lined up on the bases.

The game went by pretty quickly, both teams not really good. They lost 2-7. Olivia was hoping for a

quick glimpse of the coach, but she was too high up on the bleachers, and it was too dark.

"Joe, was pretty good," Matthew observed, walking down the bleachers with Olivia and Bryan.

Olivia snorted. "That's a first."

They went to go greet Joe on the field with the rest of the adult men, while the rest of the team was being

lectured by the coach.

"Yo, we're gonna go wait in the parking lot." Matthew and Bryan walked slowly to the parking lot,

making sure they slowed down to any women under 30.

"Not bad," Olivia winked to Joe. "You look sexy all sweaty."

Joe stared at her looking annoyed, but he gave a faint smile. He wiped his sweaty brow with a towel. "I

could hear you cheering all the way down here."

"You know I love you," she patted his shoulder, but kept on her hand on it for a second longer.

Joe noticed this, and looked at her silently, taking sips from his water bottle.

"Olivia?" A voice asked, sounding very surprised.

Olivia turned around slowly still looking at Joe, and recognized the tall, dark, and handsome man.

"Hey, Jay."

He smiled his gorgeous smile, "Ethan over here," he put an arm around Ethan's shoulders, "was gonna

go over to you, and I couldn't help but notice you."

Olivia looked awkwardly from Jay to Joe. "Joe, this is a nice man I met earlier. Jay, this is my uh

associate Joe."

Joe's eyebrows raised a little bit at the word 'associate'. "Yeah, I know Jay." He stuck out his hand.

Jay shook Joe's hand. "Yup, this is the star runner."

Olivia couldn't help but laugh at that, she nudged Joe's side. "I bet he is, I bet he is."

Joe laughed and pushed her away. "Shut up."

Jay laughed at them, like they were a bunch of little kids. "I have to pack all this into the car though.

See ya Friday night, Liv." He gave her one last smile and went to gather the team's equipment.

"Woot, Ethan, you rocked!" She went down on her knees and gave him a bear hug.

Ethan smiled, "Thanks! I'm gonna go catch up with Matt!" He threw his glove on the ground and went

running to the parking lot.

Olivia groaned and bent down to pick up his glove. "Kids," she muttered to herself.

"Liv? Friday night? What's going on between you two?" Joe's voice thundered.

She looked at him, afraid he was going to attack. "I met him earlier today. We bonded, talked about

National Enquirer, and he asked me out for Friday night."

Joe shook his head. "That's not a good idea, Olivia."

Olivia sighed and started walking to her car. "Why not?"

Joe jogged to catch up with her. "Because, Jesus Olivia, he's just the coach of Ethan's baseball team."

Olivia laughed sarcastically. "Believe me, Ethan won't mind."

"But... but...," Joe was struggling for another reason, "you hardly know this guy and you go out with

him! He could be a serial killer!"

Olivia turned around quickly, almost causing Joe to fall over backwards. "Maybe you should go tell all

your concerns to beth because I don't care!" She yelled at him.

They were silent for the rest of the way up to the parking lot. Olivia huffed past Joe's car and opened the

door the drivers door fiercely, with Matthew in the passenger seat, and Ethan in the back.

"See you in court tomorrow." She warned Joe.

Joe opened the door to his car, and started the engine up. "Can't wait." He stepped on the gas and sped


Olivia looked at his car racing down the road. "Asshole."

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