Dearest Debbie
Dearest Debbie, you barely knew me
But you could see inside of me
I was only graced by your hug once or twice
Your love for life and everything living couldn't be stopped
You cared for everyone
We still remember, but it's all done
You hugged on a whim
Your hair was blonde and trim
Married once, but never again
He was the love of your life, to marry again would have been a sin
I can't emphasize enough how much you loved people
You never set foot under a steeple
Though on your way to chemotherapy
You wore a hat to make the children happy
You loved friends and family and strangers too
You weren't ashamed to say I love you
There was no shame in hugging either
From your horrible disease you needed a breather
You never received it and the stress was too much
One lonely Thursday you died
I don't know how or where, I wont lie
Now the day is solemn and tears flow freely
The poem you wrote was so beautiful
So many lovely truths expounded
Maybe we'll meet again, dearest Debbie...

This poem is dedicated to my friend Debbie, who died on Thursday August 7th 2003. She wrote a poem before she died and so I wrote one back to her. I miss you Debbie, you were loved.