Sunny wasn't
Sunny at all
She felt bleak and desperate
Her spirits always fall
Climbing the ladder of uncertain life
Trying to stake a certain claim
With all the pain and strife
Sunny couldn't handle it
Like other girls did
Like climbing up a slide
She couldn't help and slid
Her father was a marksman
He taught Sunny well
She could hit a target
And boy was that swell
She went to her friend
To get a fake I.D
She went into a gun shop
To "be all she could be"
The next day at school
People made her mad
She reached into her book bag
Wanting to be bad
She heard the screaming
She was in a red haze
Her friends tried to calm her down
But she was in a daze
Shots thundered out
Sunny was scared
With no one left inside the school
There was nothing more to fear
Very scared of loneliness
Sunny started to cry
She put the gun up to her head
And closed her eyes
The shot rang out across the school
Blood was everywhere
Splattered up and down the walls
Splattered here and there
The police came all too late
They questioned her mom
"She was such a nice, sweet girl
She was going to the prom"
When they walked into the school
And saw her on the ground
Her parents started to cry
And turned themselves around
The funeral had come
The parents were there
Sunny's parents
Were whom they all feared
Accusations were thrown
Everyone had left
The only one still there:
Sunny herself
Her friends she had known forever
They were all dead
Too bad it's so easy
To cure a shot to the head
All alone once again
Sunny looked to the sky
At this point, no one left
A tear came to her eye
She threw herself on top their graves
And begged for sweet relief
She felt terrible about that day
And wanted to be rid of all the grief
The days have come and gone since then
The school is all closed down
People out of several jobs
When see Sunny, frown
Help is all she needed
This could have all been stopped
Like nothing good will ever come
If you don't sweat a drop
At this point, Sunny can't be helped
But other people could
So go out into the world
And help them like you should.