Eyes like Mine

You have eyes like mine
I can see your soul every time
I can see your past and future goals
I can see the times you walked across coals
Your eyes are a window to your inner self
I can see the depression you put on a shelf
I felt helpless not able to lend a hand
Outside, at night, when you laid on the sand
But now we're inseparable as can be
If anyone asks, you say you love me
And all of the girls are envious of me
For they have no obvious love they can see
But yet you've stayed with me through the test of time
And came back grinning, declaring you're mine
And always I've pondered, outside, how a star
Can seem so close but yet so far
But I figured out if you reach far enough
You will get what you want even though it's tough
So the struggle yet again we've won
And woke up to the shining sun
And as the moon sets in our hearts
I will remember how the story starts

By: Rebecca Berner