The day I stopped caring
Was supposed to be the day I died
But I found out my hope ended here
When u told me I cried
And how I am left to wait
Sad and alone
In a dark corner of my room
Till I turn to stone
And trying to fake a smile
To last through the day
When my heart was left bleeding
While u continued to play
And how my faith is dying
In life itself
How when I tried to sit up there
I was thrown from the shelf
And I tried to be pretty for you
And not act like me
But still you were blinded
You couldn't see
And now I am drowning in despair
The despair of my love
And how I can't fly
On wings of a dove
And how I feel stupid
For waiting for you
When u said I wasn't a loser
But I knew it was true
You're a hypocrite
By telling me not to yet u did
And how once again
They turn around and shut the lid
But really now I feel sad
I have wasted my time on you
And no matter how much u tell me no
I know inside it's true