If I could go back in time
I would go back to yesterday
I would relive all of the pain
So I could be okay
Yesterday I woke up to the ring of the phone
I grumbled and got out of bed, being home alone
I answered the phone to the voice of my friend
She wanted to have a fun day we'd remember till the end
I hung up the phone, washed and got myself dressed
Putting off my homework until I got too stressed
She picked me up in her car and soon off we went
I told her to slow down, but yet she teased me to extent
We got to the store safely and went to go shop
The day wasn't quite a waste, I got a nice top
There was a store not far away that seemed to be really cool
So we decided to walk there and not waste gas like a fool
This car, I heard the tires squealing not far behind my back
I felt a numbing sensation and didn't know how to react
Everything outside felt cool to me as something sticky ran down my face
I saw my friend gaping as if staring off into space
It seemed a second later some people in uniform arrived
Being a comedian, thought to myself, at least now I won't die
The next time I awoke it was a very bumpy ride
I remembered the ambulance and guessed I was inside
The people above me were frantic trying to keep me awake
I laughed to myself and said "Oh what a piece of cake"
Well I must have not been as strong as I had guessed
Because the next thing I knew I was on a table undressed
A needle with a cord attached was coming from my arm
It looked to me as if the doctors were doing me more harm
I could hear screaming outside and I thought of my friend
She would always be a Drama-Queen till the end
The doctor working on my chest was very cute to me
And I smiled to him sexily, as if he could even see
I laid back on the table being in no pain at all
And suddenly around me it seemed as if the room did fall
The bright lights were getting dimmer as I sat there and thought
Maybe something is wrong with me and maybe I just fought
As I struggled to keep conscience I heard my best friend scream
It seemed all so hazy to me, as if I were in a dream
A second later it seemed like I was awake
But around me the picture, once clear, now did shake
I couldn't believe I was dying; this wasn't the way to go
If I were going to die there should have been a show
The vivid colors I was used to in life
Seemed to go gray like the color of a knife
I could feel my body struggle against all the pain
Knowing, I would never again feel the rain
I couldn't hear the crying and I knew I was gone
I just hoped everyone would take it lightly and carry on
If I could go back in time I would go back to yesterday
I have a feeling if I do, I would be more than okay