As I see the clouds start to cover the mountain
It realises a peaceful aroma into the air.
But peace never lasts long here.
Then just like that
You feel a drop from the sky.
As the rain starts to fall from the sky to the ground
That about when every thing gets out of hand.
For that moment you are alone
For that moment it may seem good,
But you should run
Run on back home.
Before you know it theirs a flash of light in the sky.
So you stop and look into the night,
But something's not right
And just like that the thunder roars over you,
It nocks you off your feet
It even makes your heart skip a beat.
Then as fast as it came
It went away
And once again the sky is at bay.
Don't judge the power of nature
For the moment that you do judge it
That's the moment you experience it.