I'm anticipating tomorrow
The day I will spend with you
To rid myself of all the sorrow
And live in a world untrue
My spirits will be lifted
Just from seeing your face
Boy, you are so gifted
You put me in my place
Just dance a little closer to me
Edge yourself over here
Everything you want I'll be
I'll give you less to bear
I'm anticipating your touch
I know that it's me you crave
I'm a girl and I shouldn't say such
But I know you like your girls brave
Why not look at me
I promise you I only want tonight
I'm not like your blonde beauty
I just want to feel what's right
Don't walk away
You look so unsatisfied
I just want to play
And you'll never be denied
If u want it to last longer
I will be there
From all the pain I'm stronger
Just come over here
I'm anticipating tomorrow
When all my dreams come true
My heart you can borrow
And I can make you less blue