Dark, damp lined in obscurity,
Dilated eyes staring at the ceiling,
Hearing, fearing voices echoing,
Raspy voices, horrid-choking
Bony hands, strangling-grasping
The beginning of this idiocy

Ill-humored ghosts haunting this moonlit sanctuary,
Struggling to see though eyes are blind,
Delusional fantasy, Illusionary ecstasy,
Such malicious delicacies,
Roaming wraiths floating-laughing,
Drench in crimson screaming-hacking,
Cloaked in black crying
Tears trapped in obsolete time

Deranged mind,
The vision seem so real, memories seem to unwind,
Where puppets play a mime-to the tune of an old wind chime,
Wind chime-so hollow and eerie,
Looking in a pool of water,
The reflection seems to laugh,
Though only a faceless specter

In a room without a door nor window,
The stone floor shall be the pillow,
There to wish-this vision won't haunt anymore,
Praying and wishing-to sleep forever more,
Though it will never come true,
Swallowed by an ocean so deep and so blue,
This shall remain forever,
Forever-until light abandons thee,
Forever-till darkness embraces thee

Cry till you cry in blood,
Scream till it makes you mad,
In a world of lunatics-nothing remains true,
In a world of hypocrites-Nothing is old nothing is new
In this asylum lies are the law,
Imperfection-neither a mistake nor a flaw,
In this twisted land reality is the fantasy,
The fantasy-nothing more than a delusion of a tortured soul,
Reality-Nothing more than thoughts of a twisted soul.