You think you see the world you see through eyes of big bright blue,
You think you have the life you've chosen, but I see the box that confines
You think you know the world around you, you think you have the right,
But your mind ever confines you, you're grounded because you reject flight.
I see beyond that world of nothing, I see more than the world you know,
You limit yourself to routine circus animal acts, this is all your heart
can show.
I know you know what you think you know, but that is all a lie,
Without the brilliant woods and fierce clouds, you may never learn to fly.
You sit down there and act as if you know the difference between false and
I sit outside that confining box praying for an epiphany of destiny
awaiting you.
With all my heart and all my mind I touch your hand to set you free,
To pull you from that life of bitter hell and misery.
But you pull back, addicted to sin, feeding into the lies,
I stare at you and think about this world that lacks surprise.
Your eyes ever contain mine, I long to set you free,
But not knowing other, you pull back into misery.
I try to see through you, I try to perceive the reason,
I try to lift your bowed head up and make you witness the season.
You sit there ever dazed, you sit there ever blue,
Day after day I cannot determine what is wrong with you.
I try to touch your hand-one last chance to show you light
But the deep dark internal secrets bid your heart into the night.
You cannot be saved, or reassured, or fought back into reality,
You sit there in that goddamed box, fighting my efforts to set you free.
You think your free, you think your right, you think your life is to the
But you sit there, masked, crying because you reject eternal bliss.
You think you see the world you see through eyes of big bright blue,
I sob as I realize the potential to be saved lies right within you.
But you reject it.
By Christina Barbuck