A Journey

Chapter 1: A Place to Start

Fall leaves changed colors and fell outside of the little school house that contained Mrs. Birch's classroom of the year eleven students. The small building was located just north of the capital. Its leafy roof and wooden walls kept the autumn wind from reaching those inside, but not the sound of those inside from getting out. It was the first day back for the students of Rayweet, which was a small, backwater country in the middle of the continent of Elcar and the students were talking and completely ignoring there instructor. The room was filled with about thirteen 15 year olds, all ready to get there last year of classes done and over with, of course, none were as eager as Kaylee.

She yawned loudly as she tried desperately to pay attention to her instructors ramblings, for she had her allowance on the line. Kaylee and her three friends had bet each other that they could pay attention for an entire day. Kaylee remembered her comrades' faces when she joined the bet.

Mia had looked at Kaylee with her large dark green eyes and stared at her in utmost disbelief. Silvi, the only quiet one of the group, just simple shook her head and laughed quietly to herself while the best friends Cora and Lili laughed out loud.

With her mind spacing, Kaylee realized that in the seat in front of her sat non-other then the sleeping figure of Lili. Kaylee chuckled a little, which unfortunately caught the attention of the girl beside her.

"Kaylee can't you ever learn to pay attention to an adult?" she said impatiently.

"I AM paying attention, but it's just that it's so hard to do," Kaylee said with a small giggle. As much as she had grown to like her new roommate, the poor girl didn't know how to have any fun. Her name was Ahsha Greward; she was a transfer student from the Shelth Plains. Which that in itself was a rare occurrence, considering that now-a-days not many people traveled; let alone to Rayweet. Ahsha was an odd one though, at least to Kaylee. No Rayan had ever had hair as dark as her's and neither had they been as tall, for Ahsha was about 5 foot 5, while Kaylee was a mere 5foot, and that was tall for a Rayan. Though Kaylee couldn't help but be fascinated by Ahsha's curls because those were virtually non-existent in Rayweet. Her new friend's tanned skin and slight muscular build showed that she was a hard worker back home, which fit because Ahsha often said that her family owned a farm close to the northern border of the Shelth.

Ahsha now lived with Kaylee and her mother in a small house before the tree garden. That's what Kaylee's family did, grew trees, because almost every building in Rayweet was made of trees.

Slowly Kaylee drifted of, dreaming of the far away places that Mrs. Birch was now drowning on about, hopping that someday, she'll visit them, and more.

Little does Kaylee know that that day is coming all too quickly, for at that very moment the reason was crossing the sea on red sails…

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