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2.) The relationship between Amiela and Roan is not alabamian. Amiela is the daughter of the HALF sister of Roan's STEP Grandfather. No blood relation and they are barely even related by marriage. See Kira is Revune's half sister. And Revune isn't related to Muriel or Ookami by blood at all. So to be technical, Amiela is Roan's 2nd half step-cousin-in-law. So no reviews about it not being right. Silly people. :P

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"Commander Revune has arrived!" A guard ran down the hall, calling out in excitement. "He has brought the new trainees with him to be tested!" A boy about the age of twelve ran into the hall and snatched the soldier's arm.

"Did he bring Lythren and Marick?" The soldier nodded

"He also brought Lady Kira, Lady Amiela and Lady Teru." The boy's dark blue eyes brightened and he ran down the hall towards the main hall doors. His father carrying his laughing mother soon passed him.

"Roan, don't run so fast! It's not like they are going to disappear if we don't get down there fast enough!" Muriel called out to him as they rounded a corner out of Roan's view.

"Dad! That isn't fair!" Roan snorted and slid to a halt at the railing of the large stairs leading to the stairs. He smirked and jumped off the railing, falling three stories and landing gracefully in front of the Revune and his family. Revune smirked at him as Ookami came flying down the stairs. He stopped and stared at Roan in shock.

"You cheated!" Ookami exclaimed in an unbelieving voice.

"I didn't cheat! I only took a short cut!" Ookami snorted and threw his head to the side, mocking annoyance.

"Words of a cheater."

"You have longer legs than me! I had to get a handicap!"

"I was also carrying your mother, who weighs as much as a baby whale-Ouch!" Ookami rubbed the back of his head as Muriel jumped out of his arms. She narrowed her eyes at him.

"You are the one who demanded that I shouldn't be running and picked me up with out my consent, Your Highness!" Roan covered his mouth to keep from laughing as Ookami raised his hands in defense.

"I didn't want you running in your condition!"

"A condition that is as much your fault as it is mine! So I don't want to hear any comments about my weight! I'm not even that far along yet!"

"It was sarcasm! I didn't mean anything by it!" Muriel crossed her arms and turned her back to him. He sighed and hugged her from behind.

"I am a miserable whelp who doesn't always realize how wonderful you are, Muriel." He kissed the top of her head and she smiled.

"I forgive you." She smiled and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"I swear!" Kira exclaimed happily with a smiling Amiela beside her. "I have to teach Aerikrite that line."

Muriel turned to see a whole crowd of people was watching the whole little spat. Not only Revune and his family, but also about twenty nervous looking soldiers.

Lythren, Kira and Teru stepped forward and began hugging them and chattering happily to Muriel.

"When are you due?" Kira asked as she smiled at Lythren and Teru patting Muriel's stomach and pressing their ears against it as if trying to hear the unborn child.

"I'm only about two months along so I have a while." Muriel said in a cheerful voice watching Teru and Lythren also. Amiela stepped out from behind Kira and smiled at Roan. Her pretty reddish brown hair was cut drastically shorter now and it curled right beside her ear. She looked down at her hands and began to talk in a quiet voice.

"Hi Ro, I haven't seen you in two weeks." Roan smiled and leapt forward, hugging Amiela.

"Yeah, I was wondering why you didn't come with everyone else last week Ami." Amiela turned slightly pink and stuttered.

"I-I didn't feel to well-"

"She had a pimple and she didn't want you to see it." Marick walked over to Roan and Amiela and threw his arm around Roan's neck. "Seeing how she is in love with you and all."

Amiela growled and summoned a ball of fire in her palm as if warning Marick.

"Rick, quit teasing her about that. We are just friends." Roan said while smiling and Amiela's fire went out, as she also looked a bit put out.

"See Rick, he says so too, so stop nagging me about it." Marick rolled his eyes.

"Where's my sister, Roan?" Marick said, ignoring Amiela. Roan blinked as he thought.

"Well….I don't know if she is still at the cliff or not-"

"I only do that at night." The whole crowd turned to the voice. The soldiers seemed to look even more nervous as a tall, slender young white haired woman walked towards them. Her hair was pulled into a tight braid that went all the way to where her long white catlike tail began. She walked into the light to reveal she was wearing black buckle pants that were normally worn under armor and a long sleeved white button up shirt. She looked over to Revune with her frosted jade eyes and nodded. He nodded back and smiled. He made contact with her mentally so no one else could hear.

'Hello, little one.'


"Aaaaaaaah!" A girl screamed as she ran through the woods with about eight Greshtan behind her screaming just as loud. She began cursing and yelling as she ran, holding her shin length dress up so not to get it caught on anything as she sprinted.

"You bastard! Using me, a girl, for bait! I swear if I didn't live in your house I'd kill you my self! Asshole! Bastard! I am going to poison your food-"

"Duck." The girl dropped to the ground and covered her head as a man leapt over her, carrying a large rusty axe. He threw himself onto the Greshtan and began hacking on them all. One saw what was happening to his fellow Greshtan, so he broke out into sprint away from them. The man stood up quickly and threw the axe at the creature and caught it in the back of the head.

"Geez…." The girl stood up dusting her self off as the man walked over and pulled his axe out of the Greshtan. He turned and rested his axe on his shoulder, his eyes narrowed at the girl.

"I only told you to lure four, Bethany." Bethany's eyes narrowed as she snatched a rock off the ground and tossed it at him. He bounced out of the way, his serious face slipping into a happy one with a goofy grin. He brushed a bit of his red hair out of his eyes as she clenched her fists and stomped her feet.

"Four? FOUR?! How do you expect me to only lure four!? Am I just going to waltz right up to them and say 'Hey, I only need four at a time, so only four of you chase me, ok?' No! If you are going to use me as bait you deal with the consequences! You know I could have been killed?!" The man laughed and held his free hand up in defense.

"Sorry Babe! You know I wouldn't let anything happen to you, right? You're like my little sister. Plus, you haven't been killed yet. I think I'm doing a good job." Bethany sighed and shoved him playfully as they began walking out of the woods.

"I wish you wouldn't smile like that while I'm yelling at you. It's hard to stay mad at you." He laughed and heaved his axe into a log as they walked into the clearing where a house was. He looked up to notice it was already dark. He felt as if his stomach dropped out as he began to feel the familiar tingle all through his body.

"Tonight is that last night of the full moon!" Bethany tugged on his arm as he just stared at the sky. "Should I lock my self in the basement, or can you lock your self in a cage in time!?" The man winced as an intense pain shot up his spine, breaking him out of his daze of starring up at the sky.

"I-I'll make it!" The man took off in a sprint towards the house, gripping his sides in pain.

"Hurry Majakei!" The girl sprinted towards the house also.