"So what you are saying is…you aren't human. You are…Vargens and Gatols, and that means you are big furry creatures…right?" Ookami blinked slightly at Majakei's summary of what took him half an hour to explain.

"….Yeah." Majakei popped a potato into his mouth and gave Ookami a funny look across the table. Everyone else eating their dinner had one eye on Majakei and Bethany in interest the whole time; though only Bethany noticed as she was slightly pink and tried to eat her dinner properly.

"I'm going to need a little proof your highness." Ookami sighed and tapped his skull.

"Alright, tomorrow morning I will show you."

"Alright!" Majakei grinned as he continued eating. A bell chimed and he automatically looked to the door only to nearly choke on the food in his mouth. "Wow…. She's gorgeous, she's stunning, she's….pregnant?!" Majakei stared at Muriel in shock when he noticed the woman he was ready to throw all his charms at was obviously already taken, seeing she was already beginning to show a little bit from her pregnancy. Muriel smiled and bowed her head to the people standing for her. They all sat back down whispering their greetings to her as she entered.

"Queen Muriel Alandra Verixa entering"

" -And your wife!?" Ookami beamed proudly as Muriel walked to him and took her seat beside him.

"Muriel, these are our guests." Muriel nodded to Majakei and Bethany as she appraised them with her golden feline eyes.

"Nice to meet you, Your Highness."

"It is also a pleasure to meet you Majakei. Bethany told me all about you, I have to say I was curious about you." Majakei laughed nervously as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Bethany thinks I am the greatest thing in the world, she tends to over exaggerate my abilities." Bethany giggled as Majakei squirmed slightly. Majakei cleared his throat and grinned at Ookami.

"Your Highness, I wanted to ask something." Ookami set his fork down and looked up at Majakei.

"Ask away."

"I know I am only…human, but I wanted to learn what I could do to earn my upkeep here. I may only be visiting, yet I had a routine where I came from. I trained and fought almost everyday. I will go crazy if I just have to sit around waiting for meals." Ookami looked at Majakei a bit taken back. From the sounds of it he wanted to become a soldier.

'He wants to fit in for the girl he sees as his little sister. She is happy here and he is willing to try and be happy here for her also. I think we should speak to Jenae about a new recruit.' Ookami side glanced at his wife, who just smiled sweetly at him as if she didn't know why he was looking at her.

'Jenae would work him to death. Then she would demand that he went to Revune, and say he was not capable of being an elite.'

'We will help him pass Jenae's test.'

'Are you crazy!? No one has passed that thing, no one has ever hit her!'


'Except Revune and I, but we have been training since we were children. Jenae was born with an unusual battle sense, he would never be able to pass the test.'

'I bet he could, with a little help from us all.' Muriel gave him a bit of a pleading look as she laced her fingers through his. Ookami couldn't help but feel his heart melt when she looked at him like that. She always had such an affect on him. He tried to collect himself and act like it wasn't easy to persuade him.

'Oh! Alright, but only because I want to see our new guests happy and Jenae's shocked face when he passes.' Muriel squeezed his hand gently and he did the same to her hand.

Majakei stared at the couple in front of him. They were side glancing at each other as they went completely silent.

'Majakei?' Majakei let out a yelp as he suddenly heard the queen's voice in his head. Every one turned to look at him, all looking a bit amused at his look of surprise. 'It's all right Majakei. I am a telepath; just answer me through your mind. '


'I believe I have a profession that might interest you.' Majakei slowly eased back into his chair and smirked at Muriel with interest.

'Oh really?'


"So that was her?!" Marick slammed his hand down on the table in between him and Roan with frustration.

"Yeah! Wasn't she awesome?! I wish I was as close as you so I could see-"

"I thought she was just obsessed with being the next Fire Priestess, not your body guard! I bet she is just eating this up!" Roan blinked at the infuriated looking Marick as he glared at his fist.

"What is wrong with you Marick? Ami has worked hard for this and she deserves it. You are going to be the Commander of your father's army when he resigns guaranteed. Ami isn't Guaranteed her mother's position, she has to work for anything she gets." Marick stood up and walked across his room, staring out the window.

"I know…it's just…I feel like I am going to be left behind because I'm the odd ball." Roan stood up and cocked his head slightly at Marick.

"Left behind? What do you mean?" Marick sighed and turned to Roan and smirked.

"Your going to be king and you don't even have to try and you have abilities like your mother, yet your father's strength. Amiela is definitely going to be the Fire Priestess or maybe even something greater with her powers of elemental psychic…like her mother…but I." Marick paused and looked down at his hands, making an expression Roan couldn't read. "I don't have abilities like my parents… I am going to be Commander, yet my abilities aren't what my father is expecting." Roan walked over and shoved Marick playfully.

"What happened to the training freak I used to know? You have been a lazy bum this passed year! You will be an awesome Commander if you get your butt back in gear." Marick smirked again and nudged Roan back.

"Want to spar some in the courtyard tonight?"

"Of course!"

"I'm going along." They both turned to see Amiela standing in the doorway, smiling at them. Marick sighed, yet let him self smile slightly.

"Alright…" Roan smiled and ran to Amiela, throwing an arm around her neck.

"Tonight we will celebrate to Ami's victory and the beginning of Marick's new training to be a better Commander than his sister!"

"Loser has to jump into the lake naked!" Amiela and Roan stared at Marick in shock, then burst out laughing.

"I definitely am not losing with that as a circumstance." Amiela smirked.

Author's Note**********

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