"People say 'If there's a will there's a way.' All you need is a little
dose of faith to make it through.
Then they turn around and tell you not to work so hard to right wrong, and
put things straight, because they say in the end, fate is fate and no one
can change that. There is basically a reason for everything.
Then those same people who first told you faith is best, then turned to
fate, will eventually say to you that you just need to put a little love in
your heart. Keep that love strong and true and it will get you through. It
will help you out of anything.
So in reality, who, or maybe even what, should we listen to? Faith? Fate?
Love? Does anyone really know? Is there only one true Light in the
Darkness? Or is it simply all adding up to make a more radiant beam
shinning through? God Only Knows."

Okay this is something I put together and decided to see what you guys
thought. I might write a story on it some time, I'm not sure. If I do I'll
be sure to tell you guys.