Chapter One:

"Alone I live in this dark illusion feeling nothing but the soft touch of the wind on my face." Ember felt as if she was the only one in the world like her. She had never really experienced love or felt like she belonged anywhere. If someone were to define her purpose they would eventually forfeit their effort and claim her as a mistake to all humanity. The one thing that really bothered Ember was the fact that she was dead and does not recall dying, much less remember how it happened. However, no one ever told her that she was dead she just assumed the fact seeing as how she did not exist on what anyone would describe as a 'normal world'.

Ember was isolated from life. All she had to comfort her was a pencil and a notebook in which she wrote her poetry. Every single verse she wrote was dark and mysterious. Her writing made her feel better about herself, yet what she wrote was always so miserable. No one ever asked her why her writing was so depressing, but that was only because no one had ever read what she had written.

All that Ember wanted was to be found. She had felt lost for so long. Whispers and cries of young children would run through Ember's mind as she sat alone in the dark. Glancing down at her notebook, Ember turned to the page that had a new verse written on it. She had started writing a new poem, but had yet to finish it. "Alone I live in this dark illusion feeling nothing but the soft touch of the wind on my face." Ember repeated to herself. She started to add on to what she had begun then repeated back what she had just written. "Alone I live in this dark illusion feeling nothing but the soft wind on my face. Forever longing for a perfect soul, one whom I can embrace." Ember began crying and closed the notebook.

The world of which Ember lived consisted of many Willow Trees, Tulips, and Daffodils. It was a beautiful place, and directly in the center of everything was a lake. On the edge of the shoreline, where the lake water met the land, was a set of stairs. The stairs were white and they led to a dock, which was built out into the center of the lake. Ember was not upset about where she was. it was amazingly beautiful. What upset Ember was her loneliness, she had not a single friend, nor acquaintance for that matter. She was the only person at the lake, though she would hear voices of children whispering and crying, every time she would turn to see who was there all she saw was empty space.

Ember picked up her notebook and pencil then walked over to her favorite Willow Tree. This particular Willow Tree was her favorite because it had a knothole in which Ember would place her notebook and pencil every time she was done writing. Once she placed her belongings in the knothole of the tree Ember would walk over to the dock and stroll out until she reached the middle of the lake. There she would lie down and go to sleep, dreaming of someone some day finding her.