You sang me a lullaby after my bad day

You read my mind cause I never had to say

You're always saying what I want you to

You kill my doubts through and through


You told me you needed me to sing a lullaby

It's so funny to think I'd be the one to cry

I guess I'm not doing as good as I thought

You still tell me I'm the best of the lot


Just close your eyes and drift to dream land

I'm here for more than when you can't stand

In every moment I'll always do what I can

You could never not be such a wonderful man


I wish so very much for you and your life

The wound you carry from such a big knife

Let me caress your forehead and sleep

Relax, your worries run way too deep


Let us soar the skies so freely

I see you want me as me being me

You are so absolutely wonderful

My life used to be so dull


I can't believe I'm scared with you here

I found something I forgot was even there

We want eachother, the good and the bad

That always includes our moods, even sad


You shiver in happiness at my touch

You helped me realize so much

All my worries have dissapeared

Everything but you

Everything but you

I love you so much

My love drift to sleep

My love drift to sleep

Just drift to sleep

My love just sleep