Ever thought about what success is?
How is a person successful?
In success you don't always find happiness;
Real happiness is much more beautiful.
It isn't all about good grades and stuff;
We've all been bestowed with different.
Strengths and weaknesses.
Success comes to people who never quit trying.
Failure may shake 'em up a bit,
But they don't just quit.
You've just gotta jump right back in and not just sit there.
Whining is not gonna and try again.
Don't let one failure beat you up.
Failing something or things.
Doesn't mean you're gonna be a failure in life,
Even if you end up experiencing much strife.
Pursue your dreams and work your way towards 'em.
It may take a lifetime to get to them.
But hey! You've got that!
You've got a whole lifetime to get there!
Don't let lil things get you down;
It's not worth sulking about.
Though it feels like you're gonna drown-
Look up for that tiny ray of light.
Don't let that bit of hope escape from you.
Try your very best to get there!
Don't always go for being THE BEST.
But be YOUR best.
Being your very best.
Is a success in itself!
It's sad not to know your true potential.
Never, never give up!

::I have this problem with always trying my very as long as
I'm doing really great-I just stop I just don't see all the
things that I know I'm able to do.I believe it's the fear of failure.I'm
trying to just go for it anyway now though.^.^::