I still feel guilty and I really should

If only it had been any other time

Everything would've been alright

You took my tears for me


I deserved you being cold to me today

I dared not say anything about it

I held a smile for you today

I was so unfair to you


Your day had been worse than mine

You wanted a shoulder to cry on

Already a broken promise

Instead I cried


I can see the tears on your face now

You never let them out to me today

You probably won't try again now

My own damned fault


The air was cold last night too

Your spite was cold too

Such a cold day

I deserved it


The only words

Left now

Are spiteful

And hurtful

And guilty

And sorry

I'm sorry

So sorry


I am


Will you let me kiss you again

Nothing, your spite won't let you reply

I have no right to ask for forgiveness

So I won't


But life goes on anyways


Today was so lonely


And for once


I deserved it


I really did


I do